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Unleash the True Healing Power of Your Food!

If you want to heal your body with food, then you have to do more than just "eat more broccoli." Because new scientific evidence confirms that:

It's not just what you eat that matters...
it's how you buy, cook, and combine your food that counts!

Which is why... World-Renowned Cardiologist and Nutritional Expert, Dr. Stephen Sinatra has written a brand-new book, Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN, where he reveals the specific food combinations you need to eat to beat heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and everything else that's destroying your health. But that's not all. He also reveals...

The best way to cook your food to boost its nutritional value. Because it doesn't matter that you're buying healthy food if you're cooking the health right out of it!

Plus, Dr. Sinatra tells you which healing foods should always be eaten together to magnify the healing effects. So the healing power isn't just double... it's triple... or quadruple!

And Dr. Sinatra also warns you about so-called
"health foods" that can make you sick...

Because food companies know you're trying to eat healthy... so they use every marketing gimmick in the book to make bad food look good!

So, if you want to unlock the true healing power of your food, send for your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN today!

Top Cardiologist Heals Today's Chronic Health Conditions—with FOOD!

A Note from Martin Edelston, Chairman

Dear Friend,

Thirty years ago, Dr. Stephen Sinatra was a highly skilled invasive cardiologist who frequently brought people back from the brink of death. But he was incredibly frustrated...

That's because all his high-tech tools and techniques couldn't seem to keep his patients out of the hospital. He would treat a patient for an acute heart attack only to continue to meet him back in the emergency room over the next months or years.

And even though he had just spent 25 years as a top invasive cardiologist, Dr. Sinatra went back to school... to study nutrition! He was determined to find a way to heal his patients without resorting to high-priced Band-Aids® like drugs and surgery.

Dr. Sinatra successfully combined conventional medical treatments with nutritional healing at his groundbreaking New England Heart Center. And he launched the breakthrough newsletter, Heart, Health & Nutrition.

At the time, the traditional medical establishment called Dr. Sinatra a quack (and worse) for his radical approach to nutritional healing... now new scientific research proves his approach works and leading medical institutions are giving him awards for it!

The American College for Advancement in Medicine recently awarded Dr. Stephen Sinatra the Harold Harper Award for his pioneering efforts in alternative medicine. And the AMA (American Medical Association) awarded him the Physician Recognition Award, not once, not twice, but three times!

But Dr. Sinatra isn't one to rest on his laurels. That's why he's creating brand-new "food prescriptions" that maximize the healing power of your food!

New research shows that the right food combinations can...

  • Reduce painful inflammation without damaging your heart muscle or increasing your heart attack risk like popular arthritis drugs do (see page 340)...

  • Stop cancer cells from spreading and shrink existing tumors without chemotherapy or radiation (see page 63)...

  • All but eliminate the need for expensive diabetes medications and painful insulin injections (see page 108)...

  • And much, much more!

But that's not all. These super food prescriptions also taste terrific. Because Dr. Sinatra knows his patients won't eat food that tastes like cardboard—no matter how healthy it may be!

That's why he's teamed up with Rebecca Bent, a talented food expert seen on NBC's Today Show, to create delicious healing prescriptions. So you can:

  • Unclog your arteries with the tasty pasta dish on page 419...

  • Lower your blood sugar with the filling pancakes on page 105...

  • Spice up your love life with the "stimulating" pie on page 390...

  • And much, much more!

Dr. Sinatra's healing food prescriptions have rescued tens of thousands of people from today's dangerous drugs and unnecessary surgeries.

And now it's your turn. You'll find more than a dozen of Dr. Sinatra's healing food prescriptions for arthritis, memory problems, diabetes, heart disease and more below. If you like what you see, you'll want to send for your...

RISK-FREE copy of the entire
531-page, hardcover, healing food encyclopedia:

... and grab your 7 FREE Healing Kitchen Giveaways. They're yours to keep, no matter what!

So read on, and start leading a healthier, more satisfying life.

Martin Edelston
Martin Edelston
Bottom Line Books

P.S. These are not folk remedies. These are medically tested, scientifically proven, nutritionally balanced healing prescriptions developed by America's leading cardiologist and nutritional expert.

Which Would YOU Rather Take to Control Your Blood Sugar?

Dangerous drugs?! Or a cup of chili!

Want to control your blood sugar and possibly get off your diabetes medications permanently? Then eat chili! Yes, chili! That's because chili is loaded with this magic ingredient that's proven to reverse diabetes in university studies.

In a groundbreaking study, type 2 diabetics who ate more of this magic ingredient SLASHED their need for diabetes medications—and, in some cases, completely eliminated their insulin dose! That's right, they reversed their diabetes!

And that's not all. In the same study, type 1 diabetics who ate more of this secret ingredient slashed their insulin dose by a whopping 38%! As you know, almost nothing works for type 1 diabetics, so a 38% reduction in insulin is HUGE!

What is this magical ingredient? Beans! That's right, plain old ordinary beans. In fact, beans may be the world's #1 anti-diabetes food!

That's because beans are loaded with pectin and other fibers that suck glucose out of your bloodstream like a vacuum cleaner!

Pectin forces your cells to produce more insulin receptors. And when your cells have more insulin receptors, they bind more insulin. When your cells bind more insulin, more glucose is removed from your blood!

It's as if your bloodstream is a crowded theater overflowing with glucose and the beans throw open all the doors and the glucose comes running out!

It doesn't matter what type of beans you eat: Three-bean salad, baked beans, pinto beans, navy beans... studies show they all help control your blood sugar and possibly even reverse diabetes.

You'll find the exact amount of beans you need to eat each week on page 108 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

But that's not all. You'll also find dozens more food prescriptions that can help heal diabetes, like the tasty pancake that prevents blood sugar spikes after meals... and the diabetes-defying dark chocolate brownie that lets you indulge your sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar through the roof... and the secret spice that mimics the effects of insulin and drops your blood sugar levels by 20% (add some to your chili and you can really supercharge the effects!). And much, much more!

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Common Mistake When Cooking Beans
That Can Make Your Osteoporosis Worse!

Beans are one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but there's a catch when it comes to the health of your bones. Beans contain substances called phytates that block the absorption of calcium. Luckily, there's a simple cooking trick that gets rid of the phytate problem. Simply cook beans for a couple of hours, then do as directed on page 275 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. This helps stop the calcium-blocking effects of beans.

Great Food Combo #1:

The Cancer-Killing Combo Meal...

That Shrinks Prostate Tumors Better Than
Supplements, Drugs, or Radical Surgery

One day, not long ago, two leading food scientists were both working at the University of Illinois. Both were experts on phytochemicals in foods. And both had done extensive research on their cancer-killing effects. But they had never worked together!

That's because they each specialized in different foods...

Dr. John Erdman was an expert on lycopene, the cancer fighting phytochemical in tomatoes. Studies show lycopene neutralizes the cell-damaging free radicals that trigger cancer. It also accumulates in your prostate gland and stops cancer from growing.

Dr. Elizabeth Jeffery was an expert on indoles, the cancer-killing phytochemicals in broccoli. Research shows indoles block the hormones that fuel prostate cancers. They turn on the genes that prevent cancer and turn off the genes that make it spread.

Both foods are proven to lower cancer risk in more than 94 different studies...
but no one had ever studied them together before!

So Dr. Erdman and Dr. Jeffery decided to combine their two super foods into a single cancer-killing combo meal to see what happened. And the results are sending shock waves throughout the medical community!

That's because new research shows the two foods MULTIPLY each other's healing power. So the resulting combination isn't just better than either food alone it's actually better than drugs or supplements!

Here's the amazing story...

In their groundbreaking study, the two scientists gave animals with prostate cancer a combination of tomato and broccoli powders. Other animals in the study were given only one of the powders, or lycopene supplements (the phytochemical in tomatoes), or the drug finasteride (prescribed to men with enlarged prostates).

After 22 weeks, the scientists weighed and biopsied the prostate tumors. And what they found shocked them. Biopsies confirmed that the animals that were fed the tomato/broccoli combination had the greatest reduction in tumor size of ANY group. Even the groups that got the drugs and supplements!

According to one of the lead researchers, "Older men with slow-growing prostate cancer who have chosen watchful waiting over chemotherapy and radiation should seriously consider altering their diets to include more tomatoes and broccoli."

How much more broccoli and tomatoes do you need? You will find the exact daily recommendations (based on the amounts used in the study) on page 63 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

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Great Food Combo #2:

How to Lower Your Prostate Cancer Risk
by Up to 86% Without Drugs or Supplements

If you want to slash your prostate cancer risk even more, then drink green tea with your broccoli and tomato combo meal. Studies show drinking green tea regularly, along with eating tomatoes and other foods rich in lycopene, can slash your prostate cancer risk by a whopping 86%!

Great Food Combo #3:

The Anticancer Cocktail!

Want to supercharge the cancer fighting power of tomatoes? Have a spicy Bloody Mary! A study published in the journal Cancer Research showed that capsaicin, the spicy compound in hot sauce, causes cancer cells to commit suicide.

The Popular Health Food That Triggered My Son's Joint Pain

Plus, the simple remedy that erased 80% of his pain in only 6 weeks!

For most folks, whole wheat, barley, rye, and other whole grains are among the healthiest foods you can eat. But for many Americans, these grains can cause serious health problems, including joint pain. My son, Drew, is the perfect example.

Drew is sensitive to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and other grains. It's also used as a thickening ingredient in thousands of packaged foods.

For some folks like my son, even a small amount of gluten can cause their immune system to go on a rampage. That's because they don't produce the necessary enzymes to break down gluten. As a result, their immune system sees it as a foreign invader and unleashes cytokines and other inflammatory agents to destroy it.

This causes bloating, gas, headaches, constipation, and diarrhea, as well as joint pain. In fact, a recent study found that more than two-thirds of patients with severe gluten sensitivity suffered from joint inflammation.

The good news is, once you eliminate all gluten from your diet, your body will begin to repair itself and you'll start to feel better in just a few weeks.

Drew is living proof. After only six weeks of avoiding these whole grains, his painful symptoms all but vanished. He experienced an 80% improvement!

When Following the American Heart Association's
Dietary Guidelines Can Kill You!

When I first began my career as a cardiologist over 35 years ago, I told my patients to follow the American Heart Association's (AHA) dietary guidelines. I had been taught that a low-fat diet was best for heart health and weight control.

Then the Lyons Heart Study came out. It was the single most dramatic diet/heart trial ever conducted. And it showed that following a low-fat diet like the one recommended by the AHA could actually increase your risk of death!

In this groundbreaking study, scientists divided patients who had suffered heart attacks into two groups. One group followed the low-fat diet recommended by the AHA, and the second group followed a Mediterranean style diet, containing far more fat, but fewer refined carbohydrates. The results of this study rocked the medical community.

After a few years, researchers discovered that the patients who ate a Mediterranean-style diet had 70% fewer second heart attacks than those following the low-fat AHA diet. They also were much less likely to suffer from other heart problems, and their death rate from all causes was 50% lower.

The lifesaving effects of the Mediterranean diet were so dramatic, that the director canceled the study—he could not in good conscience deprive the folks on the AHA diet, or the general public, the profound healing benefits of the Mediterranean diet!

Now, after recommending a Mediterranean-style diet for years, I've discovered an even more powerful way to prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of heart attacks!

My new healing food prescriptions combine the Mediterranean diet with one of the world's most ancient and healthful cuisines. The result is an exciting and delicious fusion cuisine that delivers more healing benefits than either diet alone. With more great tasting meal choices and more new flavor experiences!

You'll get all the details on this delicious new heart-healthy cuisine starting on page 19 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

Is Your "Heart-Healthy" Cooking Oil
Eating Holes in Your Heart?

For years, you've been told that this popular cooking oil is low in saturated fats. You've been told it's high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. And you've also been told that it lowers your risk of heart disease.

Now shocking new research reveals this popular cooking oil may actually be the biggest health hoax since margarine.

That's because recent independent tests prove this so-called "heart-healthy" cooking oil is actually loaded with hidden trans fats!

It happens when the oil is processed. The oil starts out loaded with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. But new research shows that when the oil is heated and processed, the omega-3 fatty acids are transformed into nasty trans fats—just like those found in margarine!

Manufacturers claim this popular cooking oil has zero trans fats. But recent independent tests show that after processing, the oil contains as much as 4.6% trans fats. And when the oil is turned into shortening, the trans fats skyrocket to a whopping 40%!

You already know that trans fats are terrible for your heart. Studies show they can increase your risk of heart disease. But that's not all. Additional studies show the trans fatty acids in this oil can actually cause small tears in the heart, especially if you eat a low-fat diet.

So, if you're worried about your heart, never use the so-called "heart-healthy" oil revealed on page 196! Instead, turn to page 197 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN for a complete list of the best heart-healthy cooking oils for salads, stir-frying, and baking.

Great Food Combo #6:

Secret Food Cure Airline Pilots Use
to Drop Their Blood Pressure by 20 Points

(So They Can Pass Their Physicals)

If your blood pressure is dangerously high and you need to bring it down quickly, but you don't want to resort to drugs... then you're going to love this great food combo.

Commercial airline pilots have used it for years to drop their blood pressure fast. That's because airline pilots are routinely checked for hypertension, and are not allowed to use medications to bring it down.

It was developed in the 1940s by Dr. Walter Kempner of Duke University. Dr. Kempner's research found that this simple food cure reduced blood pressure by at least 20 points... in a matter of days!

You simply take rice and mix it with the secret ingredients described on page 211 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. (But please, don't do this for more than a few weeks. You don't want your blood pressure to drop too low!)

This is also where you'll discover...

  • The amazing juice that drops your blood pressure by 10 points in 24 hours! Opens up your arteries so that blood can flow easier with less pressure!

  • How to lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol at the same time! The secret is this Mediterranean treat that works better than most drug therapies! Proven in a landmark study.

  • The best nutrient to take if you have high blood pressure. Based on an extensive review of data from five countries worldwide!

  • Lower your blood pressure with this crunchy treat. It's loaded with natural chemicals that dilate blood vessels and block hormones that cause blood pressure to rise. Available at any grocery store or supermarket.

  • The best breakfast for anyone with hypertension. After just eight weeks, more than 70% of patients cut their blood pressure medication in half. And a third threw away their medication altogether!

  • And much, much more!

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Great Food Combo #7:

2 Powerful Antioxidants
That Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer's

You'll find them both inside your refrigerator right now!

The National Institutes of Health has developed a simple way to measure the antioxidant activity in any food. It's called the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) score. The higher the score, the higher the antioxidant capacity per serving. And the higher the antioxidant capacity, the more a food can neutralize the cell-damaging free radicals that ravage your brain and cause Alzheimer's!

Brain-Boosting Antioxidant #1:

According to the ORAC chart, one of the best ways to protect your brain from Alzheimer's is to eat blueberries! That's because blueberries have one of the highest ORAC scores of any known food.

Blueberries are loaded with anthocyanins, one of the few antioxidants powerful enough to cross the blood-brain barrier (the invisible "fence" that surrounds your brain and protects it from toxins). Once inside your brain, these antioxidants neutralize the cell-damaging free radicals that cause inflammation and lead to Alzheimer's.

Brain-Boosting Antioxidant #2:

Blueberries are a healing super power, but if you really want to boost their inflammation-fighting ability, combine them with the great brain food described on page 234 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

This delicious food is chock-full of another vital brain-saving antioxidant, quercetin. Quercetin protects delicate brain cells from oxidative damage even better than vitamin C!

By combining both these brain foods together, you'll feed your brain an eye popping 17,330 ORAC units per serving. That's enough to boost the antioxidants in your blood by up to 25%! Just do as directed on page 449.

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Great Food Combo #8:

An Omelette A Day Keeps The Brain Fog Away

Eggs are one of the world's richest sources of choline, the nutrient that improves memory. But if you really want to stay on top of your mental game, make sure your omelette is filled with this delicious ingredient. New research reveals the combination of these two ingredients can significantly halt mental decline. So you stay sharp as a tack for life! Details on page 236 of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

Great Food Combo #10:

THE IRONCLAD Breast Cancer Shield

The food choices you make every day can either put out the welcome mat or send cancer packing! That's because some foods act like "cancer fertilizer," causing cancer cells to multiply like deadly dandelions throughout your body... While others act like "Rambo," targeting renegade cancer cells with assassin-like precision.

Unfortunately, very few oncologists know the first thing about how nutrition affects cancer growth. That's why I wrote The Healing Kitchen, so that anyone concerned about cancer could use these nutritional healing secrets to put up an impenetrable cancer shield around their body.

Every day you're surrounded by breast cancer-causing toxins. These toxins enter your body through contaminated food, water, and air. They trick your body into thinking they are estrogen and they flood the estrogen receptor cells in your breasts and uterus, triggering cancer growth.

But you can shield your body from these cancer-causing toxins by eating foods that are rich in lignans.

You see, lignans are kissing cousins to the hormone estrogen. They bind to your body's estrogen receptor sites just like estrogen, and they hang on for dear life. So when toxins from plastics and other petrochemicals enter your body, they can't bind to your estrogen-receptor sites. It's like musical chairs. The music stops and the lignans take a seat, leaving the toxins high and dry!

Studies reveal that women with high levels of lignans in their breast tissue are far less likely to develop breast cancer. In fact, lignans work in no less than 11 different ways to stop the growth and spread of breast tumors. Plus, because of their estrogen-like properties, lignans can also help reduce hot flashes, mood swings, headaches and other menopausal symptoms.

So if you're concerned about breast or other cancers, eat lignan-rich foods like cashews, broccoli and apricots. And be sure to load up on the super food listed on page 68 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. It has 77 TIMES more lignans than any other plant food on earth!

The Best Anticancer Food on the Planet

And if you want to boost the cancer-fighting power of lignan-rich foods like broccoli even more, toss in the special mushroom mentioned on page 71. New research shows this variety of mushroom may be the single best anticancer food on the planet. That's because its chemical structure is similar to that of beta-glucan, one of the strongest substances for stimulating the immune system and halting cancer growth.

Studies show this tasty mushroom puts up an iron fence around tumors that prevents them from spreading. And it also blocks environmental toxins from causing cancer in the first place!

It even helps people who already have cancer. Not only does it kill cancer cells, it relieves many of the side effects of chemotherapy, including nausea, diarrhea, and intestinal bleeding.

Just be sure to use the exact mushroom specified on page 71 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. Shiitakes and white mushrooms fight cancer too, but this mighty mushroom is a force to be reckoned with!

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The Popular Digestive Aid That Causes Heartburn!

Do you suffer from heartburn? Then whatever you do, DON'T eat mints!

It's ironic really. Restaurants want to help freshen your breath and aid your digestion. So they put a big bowl of free mints by the door. But they're really making your heartburn worse!

Studies show that mints are the absolute worst thing you can eat if you suffer from heartburn. Mints relax the esophageal muscle (the muscle that keeps stomach acid from moving upward into your esophagus), often within minutes. The result is that corrosive stomach acid splashes up into your esophagus, causing a chemical burn.

So the next time you eat at your favorite restaurant, pass on the mints. Instead, have a slice of the "kitchen cure" on page 128 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. It boosts the holding power of the esophageal muscle, making it more difficult for stomach acid to surge back up!

Great Food Combo #12:

The 10-Cent Cure for Stomach Ulcers

We now know that most stomach ulcers are caused by nasty, twisty little bacteria called H. pylori. The good news is that simply by sautéing up a little cabbage, you can speed up the healing process. And if you want to make sure this nasty critter never comes back, be sure to drizzle your cabbage with a few capfuls of the remedy on page 131 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. It's loaded with extremely powerful polyphenols that block H. pylori like an NFL offensive lineman! Now, there's a recipe for a pain-free belly!

The Simple Step That Doubles Your Intake of Vital Nutrients While Cutting Your Calories in Half!

When I tell my patients to "go organic," one of the biggest complaints I hear is that organic food is more expensive. But what most folks don't realize is that organic foods deliver more healing nutrients per calorie, per serving, and per dollar than conventionally grown produce!

This is due to what scientists call the "hardiness factor." You see, organic plants are not protected by pesticides. So they are forced to fight off insect attacks and diseases on their own. They do this by producing high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, two of the most powerful disease-fighting antioxidants on the planet.

In fact, according to food scientists, eating organic foods can easily double your intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Double!

And that's not all. Eating organic produce can also cut your calories in half!

That's because conventionally grown produce is treated with nitrogen fertilizers. And nitrogen fertilizers cause produce to soak up more water.

The result is bigger produce. But the extra size doesn't add any nutrients... just more calories! For example, nutrient analysis reveals conventionally grown oranges contain 30% less vitamin C than organic oranges, even though they are twice the size!

In fact, you'd have to eat TWICE as much conventional food, on average, to equal the same nutrition you get from organic food. And that means twice the calories, of course not to mention a bigger grocery bill!

So buy organic! Then turn to page 37 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN and find out how to get even more healing power (and fewer calories!) from your organic food simply by how you eat it.

This simple eating tip further multiples the healing power of your food by releasing more nutrients into your bloodstream which helps your body repair and regenerate itself. And it also helps you lose weight. How? By sending an "I'm full" signal to your brain.

The result? The pounds melt away and every cell in your body benefits from the healing ingredients! Just follow the easy instructions on page 37 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

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Pump Up the Vision-Saving Power of Carrots

You already know that carrots are loaded with beta-carotene, which is good for your eyes. But what you may not realize is that all the fiber in carrots can trap the beta-carotene, making it hard for your body to absorb.

Luckily, there's a simple cooking trick that solves the problem. Just cook your carrots as directed in your FREE Special Report, Cooking Secrets That Boost Nutrition. This simple trick takes just two minutes and supercharges the beta-carotene and other healing antixoidants!

And if you want to boost beta-carotene absorption even further, then combine your carrots with the super food on page 154 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN. Studies show this is the single best food to pair with carrots if you want to supercharge their vision-saving power!

Hidden Cause of Broken Bones

The culprit is this common nutritional deficiency (not calcium!)...

A research team recently examined every single patient admitted to a major hospital for broken bones for an entire month. And they made a shocking discovery...

They discovered that all the bone fracture patients had one thing in common... They all suffered from this common nutritional deficiency. Every single one!

But that's not all. Even though half of the patients were already taking a nutritional supplement, they were still deficient in this vital nutrient! They had nowhere near the recommended amount in their blood.

8 out of 10 Americans have this deficiency—
even those taking a multivitamin!

What is it? It's vitamin D. That's right, vitamin D. Most people don't realize this, but today nearly 75% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D! And studies show it doesn't matter if you take a multivitamin or drink fortified milk or live in a sunny climate. Nearly 75% of all adults are still deficient in vitamin D.

Why? Because we spend most of our time indoors. And when we do go outside, we slather on sunscreen to prevent our skin from absorbing the ultraviolet rays necessary to make vitamin D. On top of that, as we get older, our bodies become less efficient at making the vitamin.

And when your body doesn't have enough vitamin D, calcium isn't able to get into your bones. Studies show that vitamin D also helps your kidneys to hold onto calcium so you lose less of it in your urine. And vitamin D also suppresses the hormones that trigger bone loss. Plus, vitamin D strengthens your muscles, which helps prevent falls that can lead to broken bones.

Doctors have known for a long time that severe deficiencies of vitamin D can harm bones, but now they've discovered that even minor deficiencies can lead to osteoporosis!

You may already be taking vitamin D to protect your bones. But here's the problem: Most multivitamins contain only 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D. And that's not enough.

You'll discover the minimum amount of vitamin D you need to take to protect your bones on page 276 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

Reverse the Hidden Cause of Fatigue
and Get Your Energy Back

Why do you feel so darn tired all the time? Maybe it's the lack of sleep. Maybe it's the running around. Maybe it's the constant demands of being a spouse, friend, parent, or colleague. Or maybe it's none of these things.

If you're like most Americans, chances are good that you're suffering from a potassium deficiency. In fact, it's one of the first things doctors check when patients tell them that their energy is in the dumps. That's because potassium is an essential mineral for cellular energy.

The good news is you can boost your levels naturally by loading up on foods rich in potassium. But potassium doesn't work alone! It must be balanced with a second essential mineral. And no, it's NOT sodium!

Works for 9 Out of 10 People Who Try It!

Studies show that up to 90% of participants significantly boosted their energy when they took a combination of potassium and this essential mineral! It's fine to take a combo supplement to ensure you're getting enough of both of these minerals. But Mother Nature also conveniently packages them together, naturally.

You'll find a complete list of potassium-rich, fatigue-fighting food combinations on page 162 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

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Great Food Combo #13:

Which Would YOU Rather Take for Your Arthritis Pain?

A fistful of aspirin? Or a bowlful of cobbler?!

Good news! You don't have to swallow fistfuls of pain pills to heal your arthritis pain! All you have to do is grab a bowlful of the delicious fruit cobbler on page 340 of your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

This pain-busting fruit cobbler is chock-full of two fruits loaded with anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are some of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Studies show they block pain-signaling COX-2 enzymes as well as ibuprofen and naproxen, but without the dangerous side effects.

Anthocyanins destroy volatile free radicals before they can cause disease and cartilage damage. In fact, a half cup of our cobbler has more antioxidant activity than five servings of broccoli! And studies show that eating it provides the same pain-relieving effect as aspirin, but without the dangerous side effects.

So you can either down fistfuls of aspirin and clutch your stomach in pain or you can enjoy a great tasting cobbler and heal your joints with food. I know which one I'd choose!

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How Food Manufacturers Make BAD Food Look GOOD

Plus, how to spot their dirty tricks

By now, most people know that trans fats are bad for you. They raise your cholesterol, trigger weight gain, lead to diabetes, and increase your risk for heart disease. In fact, they're so bad, the government now makes manufacturers list the exact amount of trans fats on the label. But that's a load of lard!

In fact, food companies have found a sneaky way around this. According to the government, if a food contains less than half a gram of trans fats per serving, companies can legally list the amount as "zero" and advertise it as having NO trans fats.

So companies slash the suggested serving size until a serving contains less than one-half gram of trans fats. Even if the serving size is ridiculously small, for example, one-third of a muffin companies can legally list the food as having zero trans fats! So you could end up eating several grams of trans fats in your "zero trans fats" muffin without knowing it!

Self-defense: Even if the label says "zero trans fats," look at the ingredients list. If you see the phrase in your FREE copy of Food Lies & Dirty Labeling Tricks, the food still contains trans fats.

Why your "zero trans fat" dinner could be LOADED with trans fats!

When it comes to "zero trans fats" and other health food labels, it's hard to separate fact from fiction. That's why we created this Special Report, Food Lies & Dirty Labeling Tricks. In it you'll discover everything you need to know to tell the real health food from the impostors! It's our gift to you when you R.S.V.P. for your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line's THE HEALING KITCHEN.

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Why You're 3 TIMES Less Likely to Get
Alzheimer's Disease in India Than in the U.S.

And how you can use this secret to shield your brain.

Recently, researchers compared the rate of Alzheimer's disease in a town in India to a similar-sized town in Pennsylvania. And what they discovered shocked them.

Compared to people living in India, people living in Pennsylvania had triple the rate of Alzheimer's disease. Triple! In fact, if the folks living in Pennsylvania were to up and move to India their risk of Alzheimer's disease would plummet by a whopping 73%!

What makes the difference?

People in India regularly eat a spice that is virtually unknown in Pennsylvania—or the rest of the U.S., for that matter. Studies show this spice helps prevent Alzheimer's disease by blocking the buildup of nasty beta-amyloid plaques in the brain. It also helps breaks down existing plaques. And it protects your brain from oxidative damage and inflammation. In fact, scientists now believe that this spice is the reason why India has one of the lowest rates of Alzheimer's disease in the world!

But you don't have to move to India to escape Alzheimer's disease. All you have to do is add one to two teaspoons of this miracle spice to your food. You can sprinkle it into egg salad or sauté vegetables with it or add it to soups or dips. (And no, it's not curry!)

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Martin Edelston
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The information in this Special Report is not intended as a substitute for personal medical advice. Before making any decision regarding your health, please consult a physician or other qualified health-care practitioner.