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Arthritis Vanishes
So Fast, "I Am In A State of Shock!"

Yet all this incredible new cure consists of is...

HUH? How can a recipe for gin-soaked raisins qualify as the arthritis home remedy of the century?

Hey, it wasn't my decision, it's yours! In the past few months, savvy Bottom Line readers like yourself have been writing to us in stunned amazement about their personal results from the Wilen Sisters' famous raisin remedy...

What is this recipe? Well, I could be coy and just refer you to page 13 in your FREE-Preview book—but then you might not believe me. So, to overcome your skepticism, we're printing a short version right here:

**** FREE RECIPE! ****
The Amazing Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy
  • 1 lb golden raisins
  • gin (approximately 1 pint)
  • glass bowl (Pyrex® is good—crystal is bad)
  • glass jar with lid

Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over them to completely cover. Let them stay that way until all the gin is absorbed. It may take 5 to 7 days.

When the gin is absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, put the lid on and keep it closed. Do not refrigerate.

Dosage. Each day, eat only the number of raisins specified on page 13 of your FREE-Preview book. No more, no less. Very important.

Q. Is the gin just making folks numb? NOPE. This remedy was tested by an expert pharmacologist at the University of North Carolina. Result? Less than one drop of alcohol was left in your daily dose of raisins. So no one's getting tipsy. They're feeling no pain because it works. Just be sure to follow the Wilen Sisters' careful directions on page 13 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. This is where you'll also discover...

  • The "bag cure" for morning stiffness. No more locked-up joints on cold mornings! Page 14
  • Eucalyptus trick for back pain. Instant results and oh, so soothing! Page 24
  • Sensational salsa recipe for carpal tunnel! Powerful proteolytic enzymes in the ingredients quickly correct the cause of your pain. Page 34
  • Even make arthritic bumps disappear with the cherry remedy described on page 10.

If You Are in Search of Cures that WORK...

If you've caught the mind-blowing coverage on CBS This Morning and NBC's Today Show...

Or seen their amazing remedies work live on TV...

Then you already know why we at Bottom Line are so thrilled to introduce you to...

America's most beloved health researchers,

Yes! Folks respect other natural health experts, but everyone loves the Wilen Sisters. Because they've unlocked the awesome power of earth's greatest "pharmacy"...

The kitchen you're probably sitting in right now!

Yes, look around you! Before the Wilen Sisters came on the scene, who would have dared dream you could cure a 2-day migraine with lemon rind and a dish towel...

with odds & ends from your fridge?

Are you shaking your head? Understandable...

I, too, was wondering what our tough-to-convince readers would think when we brought together all the Wilen Sisters' greatest discoveries into the complete and definitive home-healing reference for the 21st century...

Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES
by Joan Wilen & Lydia Wilen

But now my desk is awash with letters from formerly skeptical readers who actually tried these strange-sounding cures and—well, to paraphrase one of you...

"I'm in a state of shock!

Yes! Rarely in all my years at Bottom Line have I seen such an avalanche of delighted letters from folks stunned by how quickly their arthritis, high cholesterol, headaches, high blood pressure, gout, leg cramps, insomnia, cold feet, cracked heels and other complaints simply vanished...

Still don't believe me? I know it's hard to accept that the stuff on your spice rack could do all this...

So that's why I decided to give you the formulas, gratis. So you can try them yourself, judge for yourself and start healing yourself without spending a nickel...

Yes, start the healing right now. Read on to get your FREE formulas for fixing arthritis, sore throats, and memory problems...

Then claim over 1,714 more astonishing kitchen cures for nearly every other complaint in your...

FREE! 30-day preview of
the entire 335-page,
hardcover, home-healing masterpiece:
Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES

... and grab 5 FREE GIFTS to keep forever!

What? You still have lingering doubts? Fine, but just promise me you'll read for a little while longer and check out what you see...

Go ahead! Giggle in disbelief...
But you'll sigh with relief...

So please—relax and discover how Hazel dropped her blood pressure 40 points...

... with a grape?! Hey, I did warn you it would be hard to believe...

To your good health!

Sarah Edelston Hiner, President

P.S. Leading doctors approved every single remedy and they love the Wilen Sisters.

P.P.S. About your 5 FREE GIFTS. Send no money. There's no purchase required. Just click here now. Hurry!

Can a "kitchen cure" give you CHOLESTEROL 170?!

Pauline wondered, too—but now she's got
a letter from her doctor to prove it!

The Wilen Sisters' remedies are so much fun to read about, you might assume they can't be powerful medicine. WRONG. In all my years here at Bottom Line, I've rarely seen such a flood of grateful letters from readers battling serious heart and artery problems. They're thrilled!

WOW! What mere kitchen cure could do that?

When I asked the Wilen Sisters, they joked, "Come on, Sarah, ask us a tough one. Cholesterol's easy. The hard part is not getting it too low!"

  • Cut your cholesterol nearly in halfwith avocado? Yes, according to scientific studies, the Wilen Sisters' "avocado cure" really could lower your cholesterol up to 42%. It turns out avocados are positively packed with heart-healthy omega-9 fatty acids— and they're rich in a compound called beta-sitosterol, which has been shown to lower cholesterol in 16 different studies! Just go to your kitchen and do as detailed on page 20 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.
  • Heart attack? Don't just call 911 and chew an aspirin! While you're waiting for help to arrive, squeeze the pinky on your left hand HARD! This accupressure procedure has been said to save lives. See what else to do on page 109 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.


"I received a letter from my doctor. My cholesterol was 220 and it's now 170!"
—Pauline Hamilton
Chicago, IL

Drop Your Blood Pressure 40 Points...
With a GRAPE?!

Hazel Besmer from Wickenburg, Arizona, writes, "My blood pressure was 165/95. When I read about [this type of grape], Hey, tremendous! I'm doing it. Excellent option. I've gone down to 125/65!"

Are you battling high blood pressure, too? See details of the "great grape remedy" in your FREE Gift Volume #1, SECRET HEALING FORMULAS! Then go to your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES for over a dozen more amazing hypertension healers, like...

  • Improve your blood pressure by 10% instantly, simply by bending your arm this way! Page 120

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2-Day Migraine Cured in Minutes...

Works! Thousands saw it on TV!

"We were appearing on a TV program," the Wilen Sisters told me. "The show host told us he'd been suffering from a huge headache for 2 entire days.

"Right on the air, he implored us to help him out. Well, he asked for it! We rubbed some lemon rind on his temples, then tied a cloth on his head, just like we tell readers in Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. He did look a little unusual! But at the end of our interview, he turned to the camera and said to everyone watching,

'I swear to you, I have no headache now!'"

Worth a try, wouldn't you say? Next time you've got a migraine that won't quit, do as detailed on pages 106-108 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. You, too, might soon be writing to tell us...


"Your information about headaches has been wonderful for my son-in-law!"
—Joan B. Clark
New Port Richey, FL
  • The incredible painkilling "aspirin nut." Did you know that almonds contain salicylates? That's the pain-relieving ingredient in aspirin! Yet almonds don't have the dangerous side effects—and they sure taste better.

This is probably why the Wilen Sisters' almond remedy has become so incredibly popular. Just make sure to use the special type of almond detailed on page 103 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. They're available at any grocery store. (We look forward to the day when doctors say, "Take 15 almonds and call me in the morning!")

Dissolve kidney stones...

Perhaps you've noticed that urine smells, um, different after eating asparagus? Maybe your kidneys are trying to tell you something. In fact, asparagus has been a documented kidney stone remedy for at least 160 years. And now, the Wilen Sisters have tracked down the definitive formula published in the classic Victorian doctors' manual, The Elements of Materia Medica. Just boil a cup of asparagus in 2 quarts of water—then follow the other simple instructions on page 190 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.

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faster than a speeding bullet!

"You'd be amazed by how many folks suffer in silence with hemorrhoids," the Wilen Sisters told me. "You'd never believe how many people have thanked us for our hemorrhoid remedies...

"And you'll never guess what works best..."

Well, I've heard a lot of weird-sounding secrets. But I've got to say, even I was floored when they told me...

AN ICE CUBE? "You can't be serious," I said.

"Hey, Sarah," they shot back. "Do you think all these folks would be doing this if it didn't work?"

They've got a point there. So, if you're plagued by hemorrhoids (and don't mind trying something completely different), let me direct you to page 113 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. (NOTE: Do NOT try this without reading the full instructions!)

  • You'll find 31—count 'em!—hiccup cures in your FREE-Preview book. We tried to keep the number down, but these 31 were just too good to leave out.

Best of the bunch. If you're really desperate, go for The Peter Rabbit Remedy. This is the Wilen Sisters' personal favorite. Requires no water, no juice, no sugar, no holding of breath, no odd positions. It's a beaut. See page 118 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. (Warning: You may trade your hiccups for uncontrollable fits of giggling.)



Never let that gurgling belly embarrass you again! On Day 1, take 2 mustard seeds with water, as detailed on page 125 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. Follow the other instructions, and soon you may be fixed forever. Simple as that. Give it a go and give gas the heave-ho. Hurry! Click here now for your FREE LOOK & 5 FREE GIFTS!


If it worked for Noel in his 90s,
imagine what it could do for you!

Men, this secret superfood could totally change your life. It's so powerful that the Wilen Sisters reveal it in a special section of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.

You may think I'm crazy when I tell you what it is. But according to no less an authority than Dr. Steve Schechter, director of the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California, it's proven in over 40 research studies.

Specifically, it's been shown to:

  • Boost your muscular strength (many pro athletes secretly use it)...
  • Make your skin younger looking (confirmed by a famed Swedish dermatologist)...

And as for your sex life... WHOA!

Ninety-year-old Noel Johnson writes that it changed him "from dud to stud!" So what is this ultimate male elixir?

BEE POLLEN?! Before you laugh, bear in mind that pollen is literally the "male essence" of the plant kingdom. Only when flowers are pollinated can they make seeds (and more little flowers). And bee pollen contains the male essence of every plant the bees visit, plus digestive enzymes from the bees that make it even more powerful.

Sexual secret of the pharaohs? Bee pollen has been found buried with pharaohs in 5,000-year-old Egyptian tombs. And amazingly, it's still active and viable.

Why not see if it works for YOU? Just make sure you use the special type of granular bee pollen specified on page 260 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. Take as directed and make a beeline for bed. (NOT to sleep.)

  • Casanova's sexual antifreeze. They never said, "I've got a headache" to him! Turns out, the legendary Italian lover Giacomo Casanova used a very seductive secret "persuader." Mix 2 cups of Champagne with minced chives, as you'll see in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. Simmer until it's thick, then do as directed on page 227. (Use it responsibly!)

Sleepless TV stars swear by

The only "sleeping pill" you'll ever need, GUARANTEED!

Think you've got bad insomnia? You should talk to folks in show business! The Wilen Sisters have appeared on hundreds of TV programs, and they tell me...

"Nearly every TV star we've met wants a surefire cure for insomnia..."

"So," I asked, "what do you tell them?"

Both sisters laughed! "Sarah," they said, "this may be the strangest-sounding thing in the whole book, but the stars love it! Nothing else even comes close!

"You just cut a yellow onion into chunks...

"Put the chunks in a glass jar, screw on the lid..." When I heard the rest, I laughed, too. But I passed the advice on to my insomniac friends at Bottom Line...

And now they swear by it, too! So I'm going to make you a can't-lose-sleep offer. If you ever get insomnia, just send for your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES right now. Turn to page 162, and do exactly what the Wilen Sisters tell you. If you don't drift off to sleep in 15 minutes or less, return the book, pay nothing, keep all 5 FREE GIFTS and tell me I'm silly. But I'm pretty sure you'll be writing to thank me instead:

  • Spouse snore? It's no laughing matter! It could be sleep apnea—snoring so severe that it interrupts your breathing. New studies link it to heart attacks and strokes! So please, if you value your loved one's life:
  • Stop chronic snoring with a tennis ball?! Yes! Just do as described on page 166 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.
  • If your spouse snores occasionally, simply tickle him very lightly where they tell you on page 167. He won't wake up, and you'll get back to sleep!
  • Receding gums or gingivitis? Open a capsule of CoQ-10 every day and brush your teeth with it as detailed on page 181 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. (That's right, brush your teeth with it—doctor-approved!)


"I was especially thankful for the info about insomnia. I have been plagued with it for many years! Your special and rather unique advice was most helpful!"

—Joan B. Clark
New Port Richey, FL

Lose 40 pounds and win

"Grape juice cure" for obesity revealed in a
vision to mystic Edgar Cayce... WORKS!

"We have a friend who's a light eater," the Wilen Sisters told me. "As soon as it gets light, she eats! But seriously, Sarah, we know how tough it can be to battle food cravings. If you can lick them, you don't need to diet—and if you can't, no diet will work!

"So we told our friend about the grape juice remedy recommended over 60 years ago by Edgar Cayce..."

Now that got me curious! Edgar Cayce was one of the strangest healers who ever lived...

Born in 1877, he was a world-acclaimed mystic. He'd go into a trance and utter all kinds of prophecies and pronouncements. Some of his odd-sounding remedies don't work, but once in a while he hit one out of the park...

And this one's a home run. As the Wilen Sisters explained, "Since our friend started this grape juice regimen, she's fitting into clothes she hasn't worn in years!"

You'll find all the details on page 196 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. Just send for it today and start feeling your cravings disappear! Plus, this is also where you'll learn...

Presto! Your food is PESTICIDE FREE!


Soap and water will NOT remove poisonous pesticides from your produce. The Wilen Sisters do something far more effective. Just mix lemon juice, salt and cold water, then proceed as detailed on page 290 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. This simple rinse creates a diluted form of hydrochloric acid, removing sprays without scrubbing!

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Hot flashes? Mood swings?

"Clearly superior to HRT," say experts—and may
prevent cancer, heart disease & stroke!

When menopause makes you miserable, modern medicine gives you 2 options...

Take hormones or stick your head in the freezer!

So I asked the Wilen Sisters what they recommend. "Easy," they said...


"Now wait a minute," I protested!

"Just let us explain," they replied. "You see, our cookies and waffles are spiked with a secret super-food—flaxseed!"

Well, I checked with Bottom Line's medical team and, as usual, the Wilens are right...

In fact, flaxseed may be the most miraculous female food in history. Women used it in ancient Babylon nearly 5,000 years ago. The great Greek physician Hippocrates recommended it back in 400 B.C.

And researchers today say it really works! Our experts confirm this remedy is clearly superior to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). That's because flaxseed contains compounds called lignans, which mimic hormones without the harmful side effects. In fact, these lignans may prevent both breast and colon cancer...

And ward off diabetes, hypertension and stroke!

So maybe you'd like to munch your way out of menopausal misery? You'll find the Wilen Sisters' mouthwatering recipes for flaxseed cookies, waffles and pancakes on pages 263 and 265 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. Or simply grind the seeds in a spice or coffee grinder and mix with cereal. Just be sure to take the dosage specified on page 263.

**** FREE FORMULA! ****

World's fastest sore throat remedy

Formula: Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to exactly 1 cup of warm water. That's it!

Dose: Gargle a mouthful, spit it out, then swallow a mouthful. Keep this up until all the liquid is gone. An hour later, start it all over.

Note: Chronic or persistent sore throat pain should be checked by a health professional.

Bird flu survivors credit astonishing

Back in 1918, a precursor of today's dreaded avian flu virus wiped out over 20 million people worldwide. People tried everything to stop the onslaught. At least one folk remedy may have succeeded. The formula on pages 40–41 of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES was handed down from generation to generation by a family in Stuttgart, Germany, who credit it with saving many lives.

Why it really may have worked. The recipe calls for a half pound of garlic and a quart of cognac. The cognac may act as a tincture, extracting powerful antiviral compounds that are known to exist in garlic. If you've got any type of flu, take 20 drops, 3 times a day, as specified on page 41. (It was also used to prevent flu. Details in your book.)

Curious? It's easy enough to prepare. RSVP today!

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Chronic colon spasms cured by

"Yes," says jubilant Crohn's patient—
even after 12 years of unremitting agony!

"Come on, macaroons?" I chuckled. "For colitis or Crohn's disease? You've got to be kidding."

"We had our doubts, too," said the Wilen Sisters, "but this remedy proves you can't argue with success.

"Look Sarah, these people are in very serious pain. So when we hear about something that works—no matter how silly it sounds—we look into it. And when one of our readers with Crohn's wrote to tell us that...

to her 12-year bout of diarrhea...

"You can't laugh THAT off!

"So we investigated. And imagine our surprise and delight when a leading pharmacologist reported that these macaroons are working for MANY sufferers..."

NOTE: If you can't find the Archway brand, not to worry. For alternatives, see page 58 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. For best results, take ONLY the dosage specified on this page.

  • The instant constipation cure. Harsh laxatives can take hours to work and traumatize the bowels so much, they can cause constipation later on. But on page 47, you'll discover a gentle Chinese acupressure technique that encourages a complete evacuation of the bowel in just 15 minutes. (Make sure you're near a bathroom.)
  • End heartburn in minutes without antacids. Got a box of oatmeal? Measure out a scant teaspoon, then do as described on page 122 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. The oats not only neutralize the acid, but also soothe your stomach lining.

Milk for ulcers? NEVER!

WHY? Because even though milk may seem soothing at first, it makes your body secrete gastrin—a hormone that encourages the release of MORE ACID!

Smarter remedy. Cabbage juice! This homegrown cure turns out to be real because it's incredibly rich in the natural compounds glutamine and gefarnate. These substances are so good at rebuilding your stomach lining, one of them is now the basis of an antiulcer drug! Just follow the easy directions on pages 186–187 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.

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Since drinking this tea,

Hasn't had an attack in 5 years!

"How on earth do you find all these remedies?" I asked the Wilen Sisters. "Actually," they replied, "some of the best ones find us! For example...

"A woman phoned into our radio show with a wild-sounding asthma remedy. She'd been suffering for years, but she said her life has been totally changed by...

WILD CHERRY-BARK TEA! "She swore she hasn't had an asthma attack since she started drinking it 5 years ago. Still, we wondered...


"Does it ever! Ever since that radio show, folks with breathing problems have been telling us THANK YOU! They say it's great for asthma, bronchitis and coughs."

You'll find details about how to use this tea, including how much to drink, on page 17 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.

NOTE: This unusual tea can be hard to find, but not for you. Because your FREE-Preview book also includes a useful, fully up-to-date...

BONUS #1: Definitive directory of America's best natural healing sources...

Listing all the high-quality and reliable providers of the natural compounds and foods mentioned in your book. Complete with phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers and Web site information. Plus...

BONUS #2: Comprehensive guide to the World's Best FREE Health Resources...

With the phone and fax numbers, Web addresses and mailing addresses of nearly one hundred organizations ready to help your ailing loved ones for FREE. Whether you're troubled by arteriosclerosis, allergies, diabetes, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's or any other serious condition, turn to this section for FREE SOLUTIONS.

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Rain forest missionaries find

PROVEN: "Jungle punch" clears brain fog, beats fatigue,
even helps you lose weight!

In South America, this "jungle punch" is becoming even more popular than coffee. Millions have been wowed by its mind-boosting powers.

Medical authorities in Europe have approved it as a remedy for mental fatigue and physical weakness... and they even confirm it can help you lose unwanted weight!

Some crazy new fad? Quite the opposite...

In fact, yerba maté may be the best-documented mind-booster in history. Its track record is centuries better than costly supplements:

  • Nearly 500 years ago, Jesuit missionaries learned about this miracle tonic from South American tribes. At first they denounced its near-magical powers—but when they tried it, they were so blown away, they started growing the herb at their missions and brewing its leaves...
  • 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin tried it on his voyages and called it "the ideal stimulant..."
  • Modern biochemists recently found it contains over 40 powerful plant compounds, including crucial brain nutrients like choline and inositol. It's so nourishing for brain and nerve cells, it may even help people with Parkinson's...


"I had to take a nap to make it through the day. After reading your book, I feel better—have more energy and my mind is sharper. No more naps!"

—Ruby Westlake Vernon, TX

So next time you're feeling fuzzy and fatigued, maybe you would like to try it? Just follow the careful directions found on page 132 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. (But be sure to take ONLY this amount.)

  • Depressed? Anxious? Agitated? Snack on nature's own Prozac®! This sweet fruit is incredibly rich in mood-lifting compounds like serotonin and norepinephrin. Ironically, people spend thousands of dollars on drugs to boost their serotonin levels, yet this fruit costs pennies at your local supermarket. Details and how much to eat on page 53 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.

Watch cuts, burns & bruises

Right before your astonished eyes!

Stop the bleeding in seconds. Cut yourself in the kitchen? Reach into the pantry and keep on cooking! Sprinkle your cut with the common powder described on page 156 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. May sting a bit, but seals off bleeding faster than a bandage.

  • Undo bruises with a BANANA?! Yes! Your kids or grandkids will love this. Place the banana peel on the bruise and do as described on page 27 of your FREE-Preview book. Relieves the pain almost instantly, speeds healing, reduces discoloration. So effective (and funny-sounding) kids stop crying and start laughing!
  • For really stubborn splinters, sprinkle salt on your finger and get a tomato. Do as detailed on page 159 of your FREE-Preview book and tada! No more splinter—and no more torture with needles or tweezers!
  • Heal searing burns in minutes with a piece of raw potato! The potato gently cools the surface, soothes the skin with healing nutrients, and you can feel it draw out the pain. See the details on page 30 of your FREE-Preview book, where you'll also find out about...


... and gives it a big thumbs-up!

Yes, believe it or not, hard-nosed U.S. Army doctors investigated the curious remedy for seasonal allergies described on page 4 of your FREE-Preview book.

They were looking for an alternative to antihistamines which could make soldiers drowsy. And imagine their amazement when tests confirmed that chewing honeycomb really can make you immune to hay fever! Simply use the type of honeycomb described in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES. A tiny, one-inch square should do it. P.S. It's delicious! Enjoy!

  • Smoking habit erased by famed scientist's "orange cure." Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling came up with this odd-sounding natural remedy, and it was tested by a British research group. In just 3 weeks, the folks who used oranges as specified in your FREE-Preview book were smoking an average of 79% less—and many had kicked the habit completely! Do as detailed on page 168.

**** FREE FORMULA! ****

Japanese Physician's Proven "Herb Cure"
for Poor Memory

Hundreds of patients can't be wrong! "Our research on memory remedies led us to a Japanese doctor," say the Wilen Sisters. "His records show he successfully treated more than 500 patients with memory problems—all with the common herb eyebright. We'd always thought of it as a remedy for eye problems, until now!"

Dirt cheap. Eyebright isn't costly or rare—it often grows by the side of the road. It's available at most health food stores or you can grow your own.

The secret formula. Add ½ ounce eyebright and 1 tablespoon clover honey to 1 ½ cups of just-boiled water. When it's cool, strain the mixture and store in a bottle. Then simply follow the dosage instructions on page 132 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES.

How many more healing miracles
are hiding in your cupboard?
Discover all 1,714 cutting-edge kitchen cures... FREE!

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See how laughably easy real healing can be? In the days ahead, you'll be amazed by how fast years of pain and frustration can vanish...

As you eat away "incurable" ailments and drink away chronic disease...

With over 1,146 miracle medicines you can whip up in minutes, right in your kitchen (from ingredients so familiar, most are probably in your pantry)...

Plus, over 568 secret healing techniques, positions and bodywork tweaks that are FREE!

  • Neck collar for whiplash? NEVER! Get far better relief from a silk scarf! See why on page 134.
  • Bronchial cough? Commercial syrups just knock you out and you wake up worse. But the onion elixir on page 49 soothes instantly and really heals!
  • Banish B.O. on the hottest days, without even changing your deodorant! This nutritional cure erases the problem from within. Page 25
  • "Couch potato cure" for back pain heals in as little as 15 minutes! Just sit in this strange position and feel the agony fade away. Page 23
  • Banish brown spots with garbanzo beans?! Ingenious Israeli remedy for sun-lovers. Page 28
  • Diabetes checked by sunchokes! Delicious veggie you may not have heard about stimulates insulin action. Details on page 56 and yummy recipe on page 18.
  • Colds cured in 8 hours! Famed former New York mayor attests this great-tasting "guggle-muggle" recipe clears up his colds overnight (while he sleeps like a baby). Two-minute recipe! Page 41

And I could intrigue you on and on with all the easy and nearly FREE healing remedies you'll find in this giant, 335-page miracle book! But better still...

Let me hand you this whole, huge pantry full of doctor-approved kitchen cures FREE!

Send no money. Just click here now and we'll send you this great big, hardcover blockbuster to use, abuse and GET WELL with for 30 days, FREE...

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Bottom Line's Best-Ever KITCHEN SECRETS

Surprising solutions to everyday problems can be found right in your kitchen. Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen show you how in your FREE book...

  • Fix chapped lips—with strawberries and honey. Ancient secret is on page 152.
  • Make yourself immune to poison ivy! (Yes, it can be done.) Page 136
  • Stop eczema with tea! Japanese study found that the brew on page 122 stops the itching, redness and swelling.
  • Halt hay fever with sesame oil! But don't eat it—just dab it on as instructed on page 108.
  • Sleep soundly again—thanks to this bedtime drink (not warm milk). Page 131
  • Make beans gas-proof with the kitchen magic on page 27.
  • Odor-proof fish! It's easy. Just sprinkle on some... see page 43.
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

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Bottom Line's Best-Ever HOME SECRETS

Smarter. Cheaper. Better. There's no question that this is how you want to run your home. Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen show you how in your FREE book...

  • An ant-free picnic—guaranteed. Just do this to the table and you won't see a single one. Page 110
  • Put paint brushes and rollers in the freezer—instead of cleaning them! Page 21
  • Keep delicate plant cuttings safe and moist—with a potato! Page 138
  • What never to wear on an airplane. Could be hazardous to yourself—and others. Page 168
  • Keep fruit flies from ransacking your rubbish. Just whip up the mix on page 105.
  • Big packing mistake almost everyone makes. Don't fold your clothes. What to do instead. Page 161
  • Prevent mildew in bathrooms and elsewhere. Page 80
  • Hang twice the amount of clothes in a closet! No cramming. "Neat" trick on page 100.
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!




Got an onion? Some honey? A head of cabbage? You've got your own homegrown pharmacy! Discover astonishing "meals that heal" that can be prepared in minutes... including amazing cancer-fighting barbecue marinade... sensational eye-saving smoothie... brain-boosting brunch... plus, many more ways to feast away everything from joint pain to psoriasis.


Clear clogged lungs with tangerine rind? Yes! These astonishing remedies may sound unlikely, but famed doctors confirm they work. Widen your arteries by watching movies... end arthritis pain with apricots... "roll away" bug bites with roll-on deodorant... plus, even wackier remedies that really work for flu, neck pain and so much more.


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Meet TV's Beloved Wilen Sisters

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If you met Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen, you'd feel like you were with family. Sure, their cures have amazed millions on NBC's Today Show and CBS This Morning. But they're so warm and genuine—and what a sense of humor!

They grew up in a family where natural healing was a way of life. "Our great-aunt was an herbalist," they remember. "Mom and Dad treated our ills with honey, lemon, horseradish, camphor, garlic, chicken soup... and it must have worked. After all, here we are!"

Call them natural-born healing geniuses, tireless researchers, or both. Whatever the reason, countless viewers have tried their remedies and found they work.

Where do they find all these cures? Some of the best come from folks like you! "From Hollywood stars to grandmas in Alaska, people are constantly confiding in us," they say. "When you know that your family remedy works, you naturally want to pass it on."

Now they've put all the greatest secrets they've gleaned from over 20 years of research (plus exciting NEW finds) into the ultimate home healing super-book...

Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES

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