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Should women take statin drugs?

Here's a radical thought. Your doctor tells you to take Lipitor® or Zocor® or some other best-selling cholesterol drug, and you refuse. Not because of the oft-reported side effects—but because you're a woman.

Says who? Say two world-acclaimed mainstream women doctors.

We put the question to Judith Walsh, MD, MPH, associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco—and Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. Both mainstream doctors have nothing against prescription drugs—when they work. But both say there's simply no evidence that statin drugs work for women.

"But my doctor still insists that I need one," you say...

Okay, we went for a third opinion. We interviewed a top medical statistician, Dr. Theodore Eisenberg.

He's a professor at Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York. And he's just conducted an exhaustive meta-study of clinical trials for Lipitor. Same story. He found evidence that the drug did reduce heart attack risk for men... but not for women. His study was just published in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. Your doctor may not have read it because this is a legal journal, peer-reviewed by doctors of jurisprudence. You may want to tell him about it.

So, if statins don't save women's lives—and if the top statin won't even save us from heart attacks...

Just why are 12 million American women taking statins? Twelve million! Hmm, maybe they're not all being treated properly? Think that's possible? If this includes YOU or a woman you love, we think you deserve the un-prettified truth. See pages 483 and 484 in your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.


Why over 381 of the world's most famed and
and worked late nights behind the scenes...
ALL VOLUNTEERING without pay, to serve YOU!

A personal memo from Marjory Abrams, President, Bottom Line Books

Dear Reader Who Wants to be TREATED LIKE A WOMAN:

Jennifer died of a heart attack in the emergency room parking lot...

Shortly after she had been diagnosed and discharged as...


... and when this news reached one of today's top woman doctors, Marianne J. Legato, MD, she decided...


Too many Jennifers are dying...
Too many women are crying in pain...

... because, after so many years, women are still getting second-class care in the halls of medicine!

Now please understand, Dr. Legato is professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, with a huge load of lifesaving duties and no time for nonsense, but...

This great doctor was so outraged and energized that

... and tell the world what every woman must know if we don't want to wind up like Jennifer! And that's basically how it got rolling. An unstoppable current of concern for women like Jennifer, me and YOU has rippled through the entire world of women's medicine, and turned into a tidal wave! Dr. Legato was joined by hundreds more great doctors—the top names in women's cardiology, oncology, gynecology, weight-loss medicine, sex therapy...

Doctor after world-acclaimed doctor came forward and volunteered. Many famous doctors spoke out on camera, right alongside Dr. Legato, on Bottom Line's nationally broadcast TV program and...

Hundreds more worked day and night behind the scenes, over a period of several years...

At virtually all of America's greatest universities, teaching hospitals, natural healing clinics and spas...

Over 381 of the most dazzling minds in women's medicine, alternative and mainstream...

All working together at last, contributing their priceless talents

  • Combining their brilliance to beat breast cancer, heart disease and so much more...

  • To infuse our bodies with beauty and youthful energy as we age...

  • To save your life and transform the health of every woman you love!

What a thrill it's been to watch the amazing results pour in! More than 1,365 incredible new breakthroughs in women's medicine have been theorized, tested, proven—and carefully recorded by Bottom Line's crack editorial team. The results are being published in a fantastic, 530-page, hardbound book...

The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS

And I figure the least I can do for my part is to send you this magnificent volume to preview, without obligation, for 30 days...

Heart disease murders more women than men!

URGENT: If you're being treated for high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis,
arrhythmia or any form of heart disease, see below immediately...

Secret #1
Even if you're lucky enough to survive your initial heart attack, in the next crucial weeks, you are twice as likely to die as a man is. AND WHY? As you'll see...

Well-meaning doctors are naively treating women as if we were men!

They're giving us the wrong meds, the wrong tests,
the wrong diet advice, all designed for men...

And these mainstream mistakes are sending millions of women we love to an early grave.

"But not me!" you may be thinking. "Surely my own doctor knows what he's doing..."

Well, maybe you're one of the lucky ones, but please take a moment to read this report, because...

FACT: As a woman, you are six times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer. In fact, heart disease kills more women than the next seven causes combined!

But the Bottom Line women's medical team is putting an end to this madness at last. In your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS, they'll show you exactly what doctors are doing wrong and how to make it right. For example...

Cholesterol Cures for WOMEN

Secret #6
Low-fat diets actually raise heart attack risk for women! HUH? HOW? The latest studies show they lower your HDL (good) cholesterol levels. You want to do the opposite—so check out the delicious new mealtime advice on page 484 of your FREE-Preview book. Healthy eating has never been easier!

Secret #11
On the pill? Your heart needs this! New studies show that women on birth control pills have dramatically lower levels of CoQ10—the "energy nutrient" that helps your heart beat. If you're on the pill, our experts urge you to supplement with the dosage of CoQ10 detailed on page 283.

Advanced Breast Cancer Beaten At Last

Three-time survivor goes on TV to share astonishing breakthrough

Secret #12
Courageous researcher Ruth Lerman, MD, is all too familiar with breast cancer that comes back. She has endured not one, but three breast cancers—and now she could spare you that horror forever. On the Bottom Line Women's Health Secrets TV program, Dr. Lerman triumphantly announced a brand-new vaccine that unleashes an immune response throughout your body. It teaches your body to "search and destroy" any surviving breast cancer cells, before they can multiply, and...

It even works on breast cancer that has spread! In an incredibly exciting new study at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the vaccine was given to women whose cancer had spread to their lymph nodes. In stark contrast to chemotherapy, this amazing vaccine produced no serious side effects and...

Cancer did NOT return for the overwhelming majority of women. Women who didn't receive the vaccine unfortunately saw their cancer return, so shouldn't you check out the lifesaving details? See page 446 in your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. There's no risk and you'll get 4 FREE gifts, so click here today!

Are MAMMOGRAMS worth the misery?

We asked mainstream and alternative experts,
"what really works?" The answer...

Secret #19
Everyone knows mammograms aren't perfect. But did you know how imperfect they are? In dense tissue, they spot only half of all tumors!

But what does work? There are so many new options. Is anything really better? Just turn to page 441 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS—and see our team's unbiased guide to all your new alternatives, including...

Secret #20
The truth about thermography. Touted by some alternative gurus, this technique uses an infrared camera to reveal "hot spots" in your breasts. Interesting idea, but it's not more reliable than mammography. Sorry! As you'll see on page 442, thermography fails to find many existing cancers, and often scares you with "false positives" that aren't actually malignant. Next!

Secret #22
Two times better. The easy technique detailed on page 442 was vetted in a new study of 11,220 women. Just adding an ultrasound test to your mammogram can raise the cancer detection rate to a near-perfect 97%—even for women with the densest breast tissue. That's nearly two times better than standard mammography.

Secret #23
The superior self-exam. Use both hands on each breast—and move your fingers up and down, instead of in a circle. This way you'll cover the entire breast. Full details on page 161 of your FREE-Preview book, plus...

Secret #24
Soy may actually raise a woman's cancer risk, warns cancer survivor and nutritionist, Diana Dyer, RD. Plus, soy-rich foods can even block the effects of the cancer drug tamoxifen! SMARTER IDEA: See page 461 in your FREE-Preview book for details about a delicious food that actually kills cancer cells before they can turn into tumors.

Big "B" Breakthrough Beats

Secret #25
Donna had been battling MS for nearly 50 years. Her muscle weakness, stiffness, fatigue and irritability had nearly reduced her to despair. Yet thanks to a barely known vitamin breakthrough, she's now in better overall health than her "normal" friends!

It wasn't a fluke. Recent research links MS to deficiencies of vitamin B12—and a very special type of B12 to repair damaged nerve sheaths. See page 502 of your huge, new FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS, for full details of Donna's miracle.

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and one astonishing winner

Surprise! Our medical team reviewed dozens of weight-loss supplements, and most proved dismal or dangerous. But they uncovered ONE safe alternative that really could make you 3 inches slimmer for swimsuit season...

Secret #27
Fake! Beware "cortisol cutters." TV infomercials have been hyping costly weight-loss pills that claim to work by lowering your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. But you'll learn the truth on page 277 in your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS! As you'll see, it's quite true that high cortisol levels can raise your blood sugar and make you gain weight. But there's absolutely no proof that these pills cut your cortisol! SMARTER IDEA: Check out the generic supplement detailed on page 278. It's been shown to reduce cortisol in clinical trials, it's quite inexpensive and it's not contained in the heavily advertised products. This secret alone could make you incredibly glad that you clicked here today!

Secret #28
Fantastic! A natural foodstuff called caralluma has been used safely in Asia for centuries. Tribal hunters traditionally used it to suppress hunger on long expeditions, and Western researchers recently tested it. In double-blind studies, patients lost nearly 3 inches of waistline fat—with zero adverse side effects.

But does it work in the real world? We asked world-acclaimed naturopathic physician Dr. Mark Stengler, whose work has been recognized by PBS. He reports, "I have recommended it for many patients. 80% of users reported reduced appetite. As in the formal research, I have found side effects are rare. It does not have a stimulant effect, as do many over-the-counter and prescription weight-loss medications."

IMPORTANT. Only one brand provides in a single capsule the actual dose used in the clinical studies. You'll find full details on pages 278-279 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. It's your definitive guide to what works, what doesn't and what's dangerous—so click here today!

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If calcium doesn't do it, WHAT DOES?

VERDICT: Forget best-selling drugs and supplements for osteoporosis.
Our team found a fabulous remedy that beats both...

First they told you, "Take calcium." Then they added, "Plus magnesium." Then along came a study showing that even calcium with magnesium wouldn't help women avoid osteoporosis.

Now what? Every woman you love needs to know the powerful, new bone-building secrets revealed on page 383 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. For example, our medical team advises...

Secret #29
Calcium and magnesium may slow bone loss, but they can't build bone when taken alone. That's because your bones require many more building blocks as well. Recent studies show women also need...

Secret #30
Vitamin D is incredibly important, and best-selling formulas don't give you nearly enough. Our team recommends that women with osteoporosis get up to 1,200 mg every day—and the dosage detailed on page 287 might be even better for your body's needs. Plus, even then, you also need...

Secrets #31 - #34
Strontium, silicon, vitamin C and vitamin K! That's right, your bones need all of them. Strontium supplements were found to increase bone density in a recent clinical trial... silicon is a trace mineral that's essential for bone formation... vitamin C is required for the production of collagen, a component of bone tissue... and vitamin K helps calcium bind to bone tissue. Now you could go out and find each of these supplements, or...

Secret #35
Get them all in one pill. Our team has identified three little-known osteoporosis formulas that really, truly work. Each of them contain all the vitamins and minerals described above, plus other bone-building nutrients. NOTE: These are not the best sellers you'll find at your drugstore. Full details, including toll-free numbers and Web sites for ordering them, may be found on page 384 in your enormous, new FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS, so click here today! And, by the way, if you've heard the rumors...

Secret #36
Could best-selling bone drugs destroy your bones? Tragic, but true, and don't let drug firms with billions at stake convince you otherwise. An alarming number of users of bone drugs known as bisphosphonates (e.g., Fosamax®) have developed a disease called osteonecrosis—their bones literally start dying and crumble to dust. We do NOT suggest you stop these drugs without consulting your doctor, but we urge you immediately to take the precautions laid out on page 384 of your FREE-Preview book. Please don't put it off another day!

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Women's diseases that

The first one alone kills more women than breast,
uterine and ovarian cancers combined...

Secret #39
It's almost off our radar screens, yet lung cancer kills more women than any other malignancy. And it may seem unfair, but women are much more susceptible than men:

  • FACT: If you ever smoked, you are three times more likely to get it than male smokers...

  • FACT: If you never smoked, you're still 2 - 3 times more likely to get it than nonsmoking men...

So please, don't buck these odds! Click here for your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. Tell every smoker you know about a new test described on page 162. It's shown to catch 4 out of 5 lung cancers while they're still treatable!

Secrets #41 - #43
Depressed? Fatigued? Don't let your doctor miss this one! One out of every four women is secretly iron deficient. And even a very mild iron deficiency can trigger intense depression, fatigue or PMS. Yet the standard test only catches the most severe cases, so...

  • Insist that your annual blood tests include a serum ferritin count. Full details on page 488 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

  • Do NOT take the best-selling iron supplements. Most doctors prescribe ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate, both of which are poorly absorbed. Look for the form of iron detailed on page 487 of your FREE-Preview book. Click here today!

Secrets #44 - #45
Irritable bowel? Alert! If you've been told you have IBS, you may have been misdiagnosed! What many women actually have is celiac disease (CD)—an entirely different condition, triggered by food sensitivities. If you suffer from diarrhea, bloating, gassiness or abdominal pain, don't guess about this! Untreated, CD can lead to diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer. Yet it's so easily cured! You'll feel like a brand-new woman. Check out the life-changing details on page 301 of your FREE-Preview book, where you'll also learn about...

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60% of older women secretly suffer INCONTINENCE...

Yet our women's medical team insists nearly all could be CURED

Secret #46
Look around you at lunch. More than half your older female friends are concealing a secret that's making them miserable. Believe it or not, 60% of postmenopausal women have bladder-control problems! And Dr. Sara Jackson, MD, of the University of Washington, reveals all the shocking details on page 388 in your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. Some women can't hold it in when they sneeze, others don't always make it to the bathroom in time—and many feel so humiliated, they won't even tell their doctors. It's time to break the silence, because...

  • The good news. Our experts say 85% of women suffering incontinence can regain virtually normal bladder control. New discoveries are far more effective than yesterday's therapies—so even if you've already tried drugs and exercises, click here for your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS! You'll learn...

Secret #47
The secret cause of chronic urgency. Constant bladder inflammation can make you feel like you always "gotta go." Yet it can be easily treated with the natural nutrient quercetin. This could be all you need to avoid frequent bathroom trips. Try the dosage advised on page 182 of your FREE-Preview book. Click here now! There's no obligation, and this breakthrough book will show you the secret solutions for other forms of incontinence, plus...

Secret #48
Drugs to AVOID. You may have seen TV ads for prescription incontinence drugs, but some have now been linked to mental impairment in older patients! Beware the medications flagged on page 388 of your FREE-Preview book!

Secret #49
When all else fails. A new, drug-free injection therapy can be fantastically effective. Permanently curtails "leaking" even for severe sufferers. Details on this and other exciting new options on page 181 of your FREE-Preview book. Click here today!

The painful truth about HEMORRHOIDS...

And how to cure them painlessly!

Secrets #50- #51
Nearly every woman over 50 has some hemorrhoidal tissue, and the standard advice is surgery. But not only is this "cure" often more painful than the disease—the hemorrhoids often return!

The permanent cure. A little-known naturopathic technique called hemorrhoidalysis has been found to work wonders for 95% of patients. It's fast, virtually pain-free and best of all, hemorrhoids rarely come back. To find a practitioner, call the toll-free number on page 189 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Secret #53

UCLA neurologist reveals shocking cause of


Why do so many women suffer chronic headaches? Because we've been misdiagnosed! So says Alan M. Rapoport, MD, clinical professor of neurology at UCLA. And he insists that properly diagnosed headaches can nearly always be relieved.

That's why Dr. Rapoport took time out from his jam-packed schedule to appear on Bottom Line's TV program. And he'll show you how to eliminate your headaches once and for all, starting on page 391 in your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Why suffer head-pounding pain one day more? Let him reveal the secret cause of your headaches and how to erase them for good. Click here for your FREE-Preview book and 4 FREE GIFTS today!

Secret #54
BREAKTHROUGH! Beat the world's worst back pain in just three weeks. An astonishing 90% of back pain sufferers are reporting near-miraculous relief from a French discovery called GPR. It involves no drugs, no surgery and, two years later, NOT ONE patient has relapsed. If you've got back pain that's persisted for more than a few weeks, you can't afford not to try it. Details on page 415 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. Click here today!

The shocking real cause of MENOPAUSE MISERY...
And the absurdly simple cure!

Secret #57
Are you sitting down? For decades, women going through menopause have been told they need more estrogen—but the latest research says you may have too much!

How can this be? Most women going through menopause are not deficient in estrogen, but progesterone. And your life depends on having enough of this hormone! It's progesterone that promotes the formation of new bone tissue. It's progesterone that keeps estrogen from promoting breast cancer, and...

When your progesterone levels fall, you tumble into a world of hurt

The result is called estrogen dominance. It happens at menopause, and whenever else your ratio of progesterone to estrogen falls too low. Symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, headaches, increased body fat, bloating, irritability, flagging sex drive, hair loss... sound familiar? Correct it immediately! Because estrogen dominance also activates a cancer-causing gene called Bcl-2, and...

In a study of 3,000 breast cancer patients,

Now the good news. Estrogen dominance couldn't be simpler to reverse. As our medical team explains on page 447 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS...

Secret #58
Every woman over 40 must know her progesterone-to-estrogen ratio, and standard blood tests do not provide an accurate answer. Ask for the very special test detailed on page 448 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. If your ratio is below 200:1, ask your doctor about the over-the-counter supplement described on the same page. Costs as little as $12!

Secret #60
If you're NOT yet in menopause, you still could have estrogen dominance. It also can be caused by birth control pills, stress or too many sugary foods. So don't guess about this. Get the lifesaving details beginning on page 447 of your FREE-Preview book. Click here today!

Harvard Med School expert broadcasts urgent alert

Secret #61
Is HRT helpful or harmful? Debate has raged for years about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), because scientists lacked enough data to know for sure...

But the results are in at last! Which is why one of today's most acclaimed woman doctors dropped everything to appear on the Bottom Line Women's Health Secrets TV program.

Her name is JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH. And she is chief of preventive medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and professor of medicine and women's health at Harvard Medical School. She has urgent news for every woman who has ever taken HRT—and it may shock you! Don't jump to conclusions until you see her hot-off-the-press report on page 379 of your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. If you've ever been on HRT—even if you stopped taking it years ago—this report is all about YOU. Don't miss it. Your life could depend on it!

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Can it really outperform surgery?

Secret #62
When you hear the words "cosmetic procedure," you probably think of a surgeon's knife, bloody bandages, weeks of recovery and a bill for it all that could pay for a car.

"But things don't have to be that way!" insists the legendary Nelson Lee Novick, MD. He's clinical professor of dermatology at New York City's famed Mount Sinai Medical Center. And he dropped everything on his busy schedule to appear on Bottom Line's new TV program. Because the very words "nose job" and "face-lift" are now obsolete...

Imagine: One moment you've got jowls, wrinkles, worry lines, sunken cheeks, splotchy skin, bumps on your nose. Minutes later, you look in the mirror and they're gone! Instead of taking six months to recover... You're good to go immediately. And it all can be done for a fraction of what women used to pay. Just let Dr. Novick show you the details, starting on page 331 of your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. Quite literally, you could have a new face in less time than it takes to drive to the doctor.

Best of all, these bloodless breakthroughs are safe for all ages. So, even if you're in your 60s, 70s or 80s, why not? Just get the facts first. Let Dr. Novick be your insider's guide to what really works and what's awful, including...

Secret #63
Collagen injections? MISTAKE! They rarely last more than three to six months, and sometimes cause gruesome allergic reactions.

Secret #64
Way beyond Botox®. This true breakthrough involves injections of a natural material called calcium hydroxylapatite. It takes only minutes and really does erase deep lines. It can even lift sunken cheeks, and just one treatment lasts up to five years. That's roughly comparable to a surgical face-lift, which lasts three to 10 years. Details on page 332 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Secret #65
Alpha hydroxy acid peels are okay, but you may need six to 12 treatments. Instead, see page 332 of your FREE-Preview book for details about beta hydroxy acids. They're dramatically more effective at restoring youthful luster and texture to your skin—with as little as two applications.


Secret #73
Watch them collapse and fade when you try the astonishing (and clinically proven) nonsurgical secret detailed on page 333 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. Then discover how to...

Secret #74
Save big on cosmetic surgery. Just because it's not covered by health insurance doesn't mean you have to pay your doctor's "rack rate." Say the secret words on page 45.

Secret #75
Avoid infections at manicure salons! The secret revealed on page 334 virtually guarantees it.

Secret #77
No. 1 cause of female fatigue. If you're like 1-in-5 women, you're exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get. The secret cause? Your adrenal glands! Long periods of stress deplete them of hormones that normally keep you energized.

Easily fixed, says our team. Just see page 498 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. Try the natural adrenal glandular extract (AGE) they recommend. It contains growth factors that support gland function and adrenal repair. Take only as directed in your book. Click here today!

Is there a natural cure for NAIL FUNGUS?

The best-known alternatives FLUNK. We were hoping to find a drug-free cure for severe cases of toenail fungus, because it's not just a matter of looks. The nail sometimes splits and may even fall off. Worse, the antifungal drugs that doctors usually prescribe can cause liver damage. So we asked our experts for an unbiased guide to alternatives. Their verdict:

Secret #78
Tea tree oil or oregano oil may work for the mildest cases, but aren't strong enough even for moderate infections. Don't bother.

Secret #79
Yet this all-but-unknown natural secret really does work wonders. It's been used with success by hundreds of patients at an exclusive naturopathic spa in Colorado Springs. And you'll need nothing more than water and household bleach.

WARNING: Do not try this before seeing the exact directions on page 195 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS. The timing and strength of the bleach solution need to be exactly right, and instructions must be followed to the letter.

Overweight? Brain-fogged? Blue?

"Could it all be MY THYROID?"

YES! And if your doctor insists it isn't, he could be dangerously WRONG, because...

Secret #83
It's likelier than your doctor may have dreamed, say the newest studies. One-in-five older women has a secret thyroid deficiency—and it's making her fat, tired, diabetic, chronically blue and even plagued with joint pain. Worse, it's often misdiagnosed as IBS, arthritis, depression or "normal" menopause misery. So doctors give you drugs for something you DON'T have, making you worse...

And this is why the world-acclaimed thyroid specialist Richard Shames, MD, made a special appearance on the Bottom Line Women's Health Secrets TV program. According to Dr. Shames, HALF of all women with thyroid trouble are going untreated. Millions of women! And if you're one of them, it could be secretly wreaking havoc all over your body.

Can't lose weight? Dry skin? Tired? High blood sugar? Don't let them laugh you off!

Why does it cause so many problems? Because this gland is the "gas pedal" for the rest of your body. Its hormones penetrate every cell and regulate how they make energy. When women pass age 35, their thyroids often start sputtering. And when thyroid hormone levels drop even a bit, every cell in your body slows down. From your brain to your fat cells and joints, your organs go on strike. See all the shocking details from Dr. Shames on page 506 of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Why are millions of women suffering in silence? Partly because we blame ourselves for what we wrongly perceive as laziness. But also, as Dr. Shames explains...

Secret #84
Doctors prescribe the wrong test. The standard test measures TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). This hormone is produced by your pituitary gland, and "tells" your thyroid to produce its own hormones. But it doesn't measure the actual hormones your thyroid produces. That's nuts!

What to do now. Every woman over age 35 should have thyroid tests as part of her annual checkup.

What to ask for. Demand tests of "Free T3" and "Free T4." These are the hormones actually produced by your thyroid. "Free" means the hormones are chemically available to your cells. Show your doctor the details on pages 506 and 507 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Secret #85
Then they give the wrong treatment! The standard treatment is Synthroid®, a synthetic form of T4, which your body theoretically converts to T3. If that sounds complicated, it is, and it just doesn't work for lots of women. Many women can't make their own T3! So, if you're on any form of synthetic T4 and still feel out of it, ask for...

The natural solution. For many women, the best treatment is a natural thyroid extract that contains both T4 and T3. Our team says it's often more effective and costs a lot less, too. But YOU may have to educate your doctor about this. Don't be shy!

Page 507 in your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS, has all the details about what to ask for.

Secret #86
Or try this nonprescription supplement. If your thyroid levels are just a bit off, you may not even need hormones. A natural amino acid can help your thyroid manufacture its own hormones. Let our team show you why it works and what to look for on page 363 of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Are you taking one of these DEADLY DUDS?

URGENT: Four best-selling drugs that don't work for women

ALERT! We asked our medical team to name today's most misprescribed medications for women, and they turn out to be alarmingly common. Chances are that YOU take at least one of them.

How can this be? New research at Columbia University reveals that women and men can respond very differently to the same drugs. Yet until recently, drug companies tested their medicines mainly on men.

What to do now. Please share the new information below with all your female loved ones. Well-meaning doctors continue to prescribe deadly duds like...

Secret #88
America's most prescribed pain pill doubles a woman's risk of high blood pressure. You read right! Acetaminophen (Tylenol®, Panadol®) has been America's best-selling pain drug for over 25 years, largely because people assume it's the safest. Yet our experts report it may be the least effective pain med for women. And worse, it rockets a woman's risk of high blood pressure.

What to ask for. Ibuprofen may relieve your pain better, but not as well as it does for men. For severe pain, check out the far more effective alternative specified on page 21 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

Secrets #89 - #90
Don't wake up before you're sewn up! Women wake faster from anesthesia. Worse, doctors normally monitor blood pressure to make sure you're "under," but this technique works only for men.

What to demand. See the anesthetist prior to surgery and ask that they monitor your heart rate as well as your blood pressure. That's far more reliable for women.

And do this after surgery. Standard postsurgical meds don't work as well for women either! Spare yourself days of agony and demand the far more effective painkiller detailed on page 21 of your FREE-Preview book.

Secret #91
Top arrhythmia drug could kill you. The popular heart drug sotalol works okay for many men—but it actually raises a woman's risk for a potentially deadly arrhythmia. That's insane! Ask your doctor about one of the alternatives detailed on page 21 of your FREE-Preview book.

Secret #92
Asthma medications like prednisone may not work for women in the days before menstrual periods. That's because one of your female hormones rapidly breaks down this steroid drug. To avoid life-threatening attacks, ask your doctor to do as described on page 20 in your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

SEX SECRETS way too hot for TV!

Secret #95
Better sex for women of any age. There's no reason why women can't have great sex into their 80s and beyond, says acclaimed sex therapist Barbara Bartlik, MD. She's assistant professor of psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. And she too, made a special appearance on the Bottom Line Women's Health Secrets TV program.

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Secret #96
She's got a breakthrough that immediately increases blood flow to the clitoris. Something very simple, that any woman can take advantage of. All of a sudden, you'll get aroused, feel sensations you haven't felt for years! No matter what problem you're having in bed—even if it's physically painful to make love —the details on page 105 in your FREE-Preview book could bring back your sex life, better than ever before!

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Secret #97
Doctor-Approved "Sex Potion" works for both women and men, according to no less an authority than Dr. Jane Guiltinan, director of The National Medicine Institute for Women's Health at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Not only does it stimulate sexual arousal, but actually helps increase levels of the libido hormone, testosterone.

Simple directions. Combine and drink equal parts of the tincture form of the herbs damiana and Panax ginseng. IMPORTANT: See page 106 of your FREE-Preview book to learn about an alternative if the "sex potion" is not right for you.

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Secret #98
Forget fibroids forever. And forget painful, invasive procedures! Up until now, you had to choose between surgery or uterine artery embolization—tying off arteries that feed the fibroid. Both are agonizing. But our medical team tipped us off to a fabulous new alternative that uses noninvasive ultrasound to erase fibroid tumors without cutting or prodding.

How it works. You simply lie down inside an MRI scanner, which generates images of the fibroid. Then a technician treats the fibroid with focused ultrasound. Side effects are very few and no hospital stay is required. You'll normally feel warmth in your abdomen. After treatment, the fibroid shrinks and gradually disappears. Check out the details on page 87 of your FREE-Preview book, The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS, where you'll also learn about...

Secret #101
How antibiotics and antifungal drugs cause vaginal infections! Your doctor prescribes antibiotics, which do kill bacteria. But they also disrupt your vaginal "ecosystem," so you develop a yeast infection. Then he'll give you an antifungal drug, which kills off the yeast—but you develop a bacterial infection again! This cycle can go on forever, unless you use...

  • The permanent, natural cure. The natural vaginal suppositories described on page 81 encourage the growth of friendly bacteria, restoring your internal "ecosystem." Just do as detailed in your FREE-Preview copy of The World's Greatest Treasury of WOMEN'S HEALTH SECRETS.

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  • The G Spot can be an amazing sexual asset for older women! If you're over 50, this is a must-read.

  • Give an incredibly sensual massage, just by putting oil on your hands and doing as detailed here.

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