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The Great Statin Drug Scandal of 2013:

EXPOSED: If You or Someone You Love is Taking a Statin Drug, These Hushed-up Secrets Could Be Deadly

The medical establishment and big drug companies would like you to think that statin drugs are the answer to high cholesterol. Not true. In fact, for a large number of patients with high cholesterol, these drugs can actually trigger diabetes.

Recent findings: People taking high doses of cholesterol-lowering drugs had a 12% higher risk for diabetes than those taking moderate statin doses. And users of high doses had a 20% higher risk for diabetes than people who do not take statins at all.

Did your doctor or drug company tell you about this? PROBABLY NOT!

Now, you would think that a discovery of this magnitude might make headlines nationwide... but it didn't. Why? Because a discovery like this could put the drug companies out of business almost overnight! So the story was given "polite" coverage—buried in the middle of the newspapers. And that was that.

Well, here at Bottom Line, we happen to think that's an absolute abomination—a dagger in the hopeful hearts of millions of Americans at risk for diabetes. That's why you'll find the complete uncensored details on page 11 in your FREE-Preview copy of the all-new BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013.

In the same section, you'll discover yet another statin drug warning that could save your life.

How Statin Drugs May Devastate Your Immune System—and Make You a Sitting Duck for a Serious Infection

In recent experiments, scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the not-so-well-known side effects of today's popular statin drugs.

One of the most alarming discoveries is that statins may inhibit the activity of macrophages (immune cells that destroy bacteria) and boost activity of chemicals that trigger cellular inflammation.

As a result, bacterial infections can literally run wild and last MUCH longer. If you're taking statins and you get a "common" infection, you need to talk to your doctor IMMEDIATELY to discuss your best healing options!

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Why SALT is Not So Bad After All, Says a Top
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New INSTANT Treatment for Extra High Cholesterol

ST. LOUIS, MO—Do you have stubborn high cholesterol? Would
you love to get your count under control without having to depend
on expensive prescription drugs? Changing your diet can help,
of course.

But here's something better. Something absolutely stunning.


Now You Can Clobber Your Cholesterol Up to 75 Percent in a Matter of Minutes.
NEW BREAKTHROUGH instantly "filters" excess cholesterol from your body. Cholesterol drops 100 points or more. Completely safe.

It's true. And it's completely safe. The breakthrough was reported to Bottom Line by Anne Carol Goldberg, MD, an associate professor of endocrinology, metabolism and lipid research at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Apparently, this new therapy takes only a matter of minutes and lowers unhealthy cholesterol like no drug known to science. At the same time, it triggers a reduction in C-reactive protein and fibrinogen, substances that can increase the risk for blood clots. Patients who receive the therapy report a rapid reduction in cardiovascular symptoms such as angina.

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The Hands-Down Favorite Natural Cures Used
by a Top Mayo Clinic MD...

Such as the world's BEST, well-researched heart-healthy herb. it not only lowers cholesterol, it also helps keep arteries from "hardening" as you age! Page 88

You'll also learn about the delicious drink that lowers digestive tract cancer risk up to 68%. (Page 88) The ultimate herbal antidote to depression. (Page 89)

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Try This Alzheimer's Test...NOW!

CHICAGO, IL—In a recent study, scientists discovered an almost invisible, very early sign that you're at risk for Alzheimer's. It turns out that older Americans who have trouble recognizing familiar scents such as cinnamon or lemon were far more likely to develop Alzheimer's within the next 5 years. That's why we recommend a blind scent test at home if you're concerned about Alzheimer's. For more important health news, see your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013 and 50 FREE REPORTS! Click here now.


American Institute for Cancer Research drops medical bombshell:

Do These Simple Things and You
Cut Your Cancer Risk by 70%!

No pills. No vitamins. No crazy diets. New advice could save millions of lives. And it's SO amazingly easy...

WASHINGTON, DC—Scientists have identified powerful, lifesaving habits that help cancer-proof virtually every cell in your body. Even if deadly cancer runs like wildfire in your family tree, these simple steps could give you the blessed protection you need to stay cancer-free for life. For complete instructions, send for your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Cancer-Free For Life, today. Click here now to request your copy and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013 today!


Forget Government Health Care Reform...

You need to be a smart medical consumer—and SAVE YOURSELF and the ones you love. Here's exactly what you need to know NOW...

"Save Your Life"
Health Care Plan

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN WASHINGTON, you need to know the ins and outs of our health care system like NEVER before. Otherwise, you're doomed to receive second-class care at first-class prices. Just because someone wears a white coat does NOT mean they know what's best for you. YOU need to take control of your health care in a positive way, starting today!

That's why your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013 is overflowing with insider advice on how to get VIP service from doctors, hospitals, surgeons, specialists, test labs, dentists, insurance companies and more.

Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll discover right now...

  • How NOT to die from a misdiagnosis.

    Sad fact: Up to 80,000 people die every year from a misdiagnosis— according to the International Disease Classification System.

    What can YOU do to protect yourself? Starting on page 30 in your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, you'll get a complete checklist of simple tricks that help your doctor get it right—before it's too late.

    You'll discover the #1 reason why doctors make mistakes. The 18-second secret that can make or break your diagnosis. How to tell if your doctor is sure or just guessing. How to make them think much harder about your symptoms...and SO much more. If you don't read this section, you could be killed by a curable condition your doctor "missed"! And this is just the beginning. You'll also discover...

  • How to get an almost immediate appointment with the cancer specialist you need. Ignore this, and you could wait for dangerous weeks or months. See page 31.
  • The common medical tests and treatments you really don't need. Why should you pay extra for tests that do nothing for you—while hospitals get richer? See page 35.
  • How heart scans can give you cancer. The test might make sense to the doctor and the hospital who get your money...but NOT to you if you get cancer from all the extra radiation. Shocking details, page 37.
  • The DEADLY dangers of off-label prescription drugs. What does "off-label" mean? It means that your doctor is prescribing a drug for an illness it was NOT intended to treat! That makes YOU an unwilling guinea pig in medical "testing"! Here's how NOT to let this happen to you. Page 38
  • Hospital infections KILL 99,000 people a year...but YOU don't have to be one of them.Here are the simple steps you can take to exit the hospitals infection-free. Page 44
  • How NOT to have a "robot" do your surgery. Lots of surgeons are touting new high-tech "robot" surgeries—but they're NOT proven safe yet! The surgery takes longer and requires more risky anesthesia. Don't say YES until you see page 45.

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Bureaucratic Social Security Blunders
That Cost You a Fortune!

LOUISVILLE, KY—Suppose you deposited money into a savings account for decades. Then, when you discover that some of your money is missing, your friendly banker says, “Sorry, we can't find all your money. You're out of luck!”

Well, that's EXACTLY what happens with your Social Security money all the time! Our Bottom Line Social Security expert recently blew the lid off a cesspool of bureaucratic blunders that are depriving MILLIONS of Americans their full benefits! One of the major problems is that you're NOT getting full credit for all your payments. Other problems include stupid math mistakes that cost you thousands, incorrect addresses, wrong Social Security numbers, and even HUGE benefits that are never paid out.

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You'll also discover...

  • How to escape an expensive cell phone plan WITHOUT paying a "termination" penalty. Your cell phone company is praying you never discover this hidden loophole. Now you can move to a better deal any time! Page 203

  • Get your prescription drugs at HALF the discount price others pay at your local pharmacy. This secret is SO effective, the pharmacies will be crawling all over each other to save YOU money!
    Page 202

  • BEST times to buy grocery "basics." Even packaged and frozen goods have "seasons" when stores are trying to give away these pantry essentials at HUGE discounts. Here's the hidden calendar your local grocer hopes you never see. Page 197

  • How to pay 10 cents LESS per gallon of gas than everyone else does at the SAME station. The gas stations have NO choice but to say YES to your special discount when you...(continued on page 258).

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  • Supermarket "speed bumps" and other dirty tricks they use to make you spend more. They fool almost everyone–except you—when you read page 189.

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Pay College Tuition While You Shop!

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Warren Buffett's Secrets to Protecting
Your Money and Even Profiting
from These Scary Times

Buffett's private biographer recently spent thousands of hours with the legendary investor. During this unprecedented access, she uncovered his most personal secrets to safe, profitable investing. THESE are the secrets you need to know NOW to protect your nest egg before it's too late!

His record is legendary and includes decade after decade of relentless profits—of course. But Warren Buffett has usually been at his best when times are WORST. He dodged the Internet bubble that devastated portfolios worldwide... and continued to pile up profits. In 2002, he warned about the looming disaster in sub-prime mortgages and "derivatives." Those who ignored his advice have paid a heavy price that's now hurting everybody.

What is Mr. Buffett doing right now to protect and build wealth? How is he positioning himself to pounce on Wall Street bargains? And what are his personal feelings about our financial future? You'll find ALL these answers in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Warren Buffett's Secrets For Protecting Your Money In A Scary Market. Click here to request your FREE copy and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013.


Very shrewd travel tip...

When Desperate Airlines Are Practically GIVING Seats Away...

PINEHURST, NC—Timing is everything. Inside the airline industry there are certain times when airlines are SO desperate for passengers, they practically give away seats.deceipt So you pay far less than even the lowest "bargain rates" you find online. How do you qualify for these insider prices? There's a secret Website that can put you first in line! Bonus: How about an expensive rental car for $10 a day!

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How to Spend Like a VERY Rich Man When You Retire
and NEVER Run Out of Money...

PLANO, TX— If you think your Social Security money is going to take care of you in the years ahead, you better think again. Thanks to our conniving politicians and runaway inflation, you need to make a plan now to protect your financial security. Here's what the smartest seniors are doing right now.

It's a simple, yet devastatingly powerful strategy that lets you enjoy a VERY rich retirement (luxury cruises, new cars, lavish dinners) and assures you'll never run out of money.

On page 206 in your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, you'll find complete details from Scott Burns, a world-famous investment strategist who manages nearly half a billion dollars for the shrewdest seniors on Earth. Now their secret is your secret.

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8 Things Your Employer Does NOT Want You
to Know About Your Retirement Benefits...

Here are just a few examples, starting on page 211...

  • When the word "restructure" means you're NOT getting all your money. They may say you'll get every penny you deserve, but here's what they're NOT telling you.
  • How to tell if they're using YOUR pension to pay the top execs in your company. It happens much more often than you think.
  • Why lump sum payments pay LESS than they should and how NOT to get tricked. You paid faithfully for years and you deserve every penny they promised!
  • Why your company will try to blame the stock market when it's THEIR fault your money is gone. YOU shouldn't stand for need to start fighting now—before your money just vanishes!

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Why pay high real estate taxes?

Get $3,000 Back on Your Real Estate Taxes!

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Work the system right!

What You Must Know About
the New Medicare Drug Benefits...

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Say These Words to Your Pharmacist
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Insiders reveal how to work the health-care system and protect your savings!

FREE Hospital Care...
FREE Medical Care...
FREE Dental Care...
Even FREE Contact Lenses!

WASHINGTON, DC—For savvy, health-conscious medical consumers, the American health care system offers almost unlimited opportunities to get top-notch medical treatment completely FREE. You can get access to top doctors, cutting-edge cures, and dedicated professionals you might never have access to—at an almost unbelievable low price: ZERO. To discover these remarkable medical professionals and facilities, you'll find complete instructions in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: FREE Health Care Made Easy. Click here now and claim your FREE Report and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013.


Protect your assets from Uncle Sam!

10 Dumbest Estate Planning Blunders...

NEW YORK, NY—Martin Shenkman, Esq., a top New York City attorney who specializes in trusts and estates, has identified 10 common—and costly—mistakes that people make when planning their estates. Just one of these mistakes can cost your heirs a fortune and tie them up in court for years. To protect yourself, it's essential that you send for your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Top 10 BIG Mistakes When Planning Your Estate, today. Click here now to claim your 50 FREE Reports and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013!


STOP! Don't touch that IRA until you learn these...

Stupid IRA Rollover Mistakes that Cost You A Fortune...

GREEN BAY, WI—If the bulk of your retirement funds are in your IRA, you have to be very smart to keep the IRS away from your money when you roll it over. One wrong move and you'll not only owe income tax, but a hefty penalty as well. That's why Bottom Line just created a simple, clearly written Report that explains exactly how to get at your money without giving a single penny to the IRS. It's called IRA Rollovers Made Easy. To request your FREE Report and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, click here now.


Legally tell the IRS to take a hike!

Leave HUGE Estate To Heirs, Pay NO Tax!

NEW YORK, NY—The current Tax Code is a minefield when it comes to planning your estate. And most people get either NO advice, or bad advice—leaving their heirs wide open for a HUGE tax bill. That's why Bottom Line decided to create a single, step-by-step Report called The Ultimate Tax-Free Estate Plan. And it delivers everything you need to know to create an IRS-proof estate plan. The IRS hopes you never see this Report, but it's yours FREE! To receive your FREE Report and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, click here now.


Stock market losses? Baloney! Top financial expert reveals how to...

Sell Your "Stinker" $10 Stock for $90 a Share...

Don't get caught off guard when your stock price falls! Here's how to laugh
at market turmoil... all the way to the bank!

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Urgent Medical ALERT: The scary new drug danger no one is talking about...

The Popular Pain Reliever that Helps Trigger
Dangerous High Blood Pressure!

If you have even the slightest concern about your heart, don't even consider
taking this popular drug. Here's what you must know now...

BOSTON, MA—In a new study, men and women who took an average daily dose of popular OTC pain relievers containing acetaminophen were up to 80% more likely to suffer from dangerous high blood pressure. And NO ONE is talking about this—except us!

According to John Phillip Forman, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, these popular pain relievers (which are in your home right now) increase blood pressure by interfering with your blood vessels' ability to relax. This increases your blood pressure, and your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

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  • The SAFEST way to detect blood vessel blockages—70% LESS bleeding! The most common medical procedure inserts a thin plastic tube in the groin. The tube is then snaked up to the heart to detect blockages. Now, there's a new method that's much safer and reduces bleeding by a stunning 70%.
  • The deadly carcinogens that are hiding in your home! Where? They were built-in to your home—but you CAN protect yourself. See page 12 right now.

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Top cardiologist, Bill Gavin, MD, tells how world's simplest diet helped him lose 45 pounds at last...

"Eat No White At Night!"

OLYMPIA, WA—"When I hit 210 pounds at age 46, I knew it was time to get serious about losing weight. I exercised almost fanatically at first, but managed to lose only about 10 pounds in 6 months, since I did not change my diet. When I started researching and implementing commonsense dietary principles, I lost 35 additional pounds," says Dr. Bill Gavin.

Based on his all-too-common experience, Dr. Gavin developed 3 basic guidelines for eating that are the essence of simplicity. They're so simple, they fit on one page of his prescription pad. Yet so effective, they lead to inevitable weight loss without counting calories or killing yourself in a gym!

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  • Why RAPID weight loss is healthier...and how to lose 12 pounds in just 17 days. Conventional wisdom says that slow weight loss is healthier and lasts longer, but that's just NOT true. If you divide your weight loss into 17-day cycles, the fat just DROPS off rapidly...and it stays off for life. See instructions on page 62.
  • Cravings BUSTERS that really work. Scientists have finally decoded the "chemistry" of cravings. The result? You can turn OFF these fat-making feasts as easy as flipping a switch—once you know the secrets on page 66.
  • Burn off calories while watching TV? This simple trick delivers BIG results and takes you from a couch potato to slim and sexy, FAST. Page 69
  • Stuck on a diet plateau? Here's how to get into gear again! You've done everything right and all of a sudden the weight loss stops! Here's how to "trick" your body into high-speed fat loss again. Page 70

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Massive FREE Benefits Giveaway for Seniors!

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Pay ZERO Tax on Your Big Stock Profits...

GREEN BAY, WI—Even at today's lower capital gains rates, many taxpayers who took a risk and held a quality stock for years are facing enormous tax bills when they try to collect their profits. Now, our Bottom Line experts have identified a perfectly legal maneuver that shelters every last penny of your profits—so YOU benefit instead of the IRS! You'll find complete instructions in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Pay ZERO Capital Gains For Life and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013. Click here now for instructions on claiming your FREE copy.


Casino insider confesses...

Where Casinos Put Best-Paying Slots...

LAS VEGAS, NV—Casinos on the main strip almost always have the lowest paybacks because they have high tourist traffic. The slots at OFF-THE-STRIP locations rely on residents more—so they need to pay off at higher rates. For details, and a brand-name list of the most winning slots, read everything the casinos don't want you to know in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Play The Slots And WIN. Click here now to claim your FREE copy now.


For great, married sex... again... and AGAIN...

Unspoken Secrets to
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Beginning on page 103 in your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, you'll discover the complete, tastefully written guide to sex like you've never had it before.

You'll discover the new ED drug that works MUCH faster (just 15 minutes) and lasts up to eight hours (page 109). The best personal moisturizers for women that increase pleasure (page 104). The stimulation secret that's pure magic for your satisfaction (pages 104-105).

You'll also discover the hidden, extra benefit of vivid sexual fantasies (page 105). What really attracts a woman to a man (page 105). How common pain relievers can impair sexual function (page 109). How a woman can control a man's sexual response (104) and MUCH more!

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Antiaging secrets...

They're 80 Years Old, But You'd Swear
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HONOLULU, HI—The residents of Okinawa, an island chain off the coast of Japan, are perhaps the healthiest, longest living humans on the planet.

They have more 100-year-olds than anywhere else on Earth. And they experience a fraction of the dangerous diseases—like cancer and heart disease that plague us here in the West: They have an 80% lower risk for breast and prostate cancers. A 50% lower risk for colon and ovarian cancers. 40% fewer hip fractures, and a ridiculously low rate for heart disease and obesity. And now, thanks to stunning recent research, we KNOW their secrets. One secret is that they average 3 cups of jasmine tea each day.

They also eat about 2 servings of soy-based products daily. But the most important secret is so utterly simple, you can do it anytime, anywhere. And it has nothing to do with living in Okinawa.

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Easy Relief from Hot Flashes!

WINSTON-SALEM, NC—New research has identified a powerful, natural nutrient that helps erase hot flashes without drugs. As an added bonus, this nutrient also lowers your cholesterol!

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15 Types of Income The IRS Wants to Tax,
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Legally Change this Number
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HERMOSA BEACH, CA—Next vacation, try this on for size! Walking out of your bedroom onto a sweeping veranda and gazing over the vineyards of Provence. Or taking a peaceful morning swim on your private beach in St. Bart's. Would you prefer something more urban? How about a private duplex apartment a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace?

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—If the IRS can't see it... and they don't want to know about it, they can't tax it! That's the premise behind a blockbuster new Report from Bottom Line. It's called How To Earn Invisible Income The IRS Can't Touch. And it reveals legal, audit-proof cracks in the Tax Code that let you earn a half-million dollars or more—without paying a single penny to Uncle Sam. To claim your FREE copy and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, click here now.


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NEW YORK, NY—"You can't legally deduct the interest on a car loan," the experts say. Well, as usual, the so-called "experts" are wrong. There's a hidden loophole in the Tax Code that not only lets you deduct your car loan interest expenses, but you may even get a lower rate! And the IRS can't touch you. Instructions are in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Interest Expense Deductions You Never Knew Existed. To request your copy and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, click here now.


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Secret Winning Strategies for Texas Hold 'Em...

STAMFORD, CT—If you ever get a chance to play Texas Hold 'Em with a man named Phil Hellmuth, Jr., take our advice: Grab your money and run! Phil's an 11-time world poker champion and one of the best Texas Hold 'Em players on earth.

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ORO VALLEY, AZ—When you retire, why not get paid to do the things you love to do? Like traveling, gardening, hobbies or crafts? In a just-released Special Report, the Bottom Line editors identify amazing, exciting, easy jobs that are so much fun you'd probably do them for FREE. But it's even more fun when you get paid! You'll find details in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: Fun Retirement Jobs That Pay A Lot Of Money. To claim your FREE Report and your FREE-Preview copy of BOTTOM LINE YEARBOOK/2013, click here now.


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CHICAGO, IL—If you want to make a major gift to your child or grandchild, a gift of property is a bad way to go. He or she will be socked with a huge tax bill. It's better to leverage your assets shrewdly—so your heir gets a fat $1 million check that the IRS can't touch. See instructions in your FREE Forbidden 50 Report: $1 Million Tax-Free Cash For Your Kids.


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